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17 Tips to Prepare Your Online Store For Holiday Sales

This year, Black Friday kicks off on November 26 at midnight and runs through November 28, followed by Cyber Monday on November 29. Consumers will spend 414 000 years 🤯 shopping online during the holidays this year, according to reports. Here are tips on how to prepare your online store for a sale, retain customers, and what to do after the campaign ends👇

Choose the Right Products for Black Friday
Offer a discount on popular items that users love—that’ll most likely bring traffic to your website. Also, set a discount on the most profitable items for you. That way, people checking out popular items will see other offers, which will increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Another strategy would be drawing a buyer's attention to a specific product or category by offering them a discount. There are many benefits to this: the buyer will get interested, try it out, and potentially make their next purchase at full price.

Prepare Your Shipping Options
Offer customers several shipping options: Home delivery, post office, or self-pickup. In times of high demand, it's important to meet your buyers’ delivery time expectations. Set realistic delivery times, and if the delivery driver is running late, warn or agree on a different time slot.

Inform your potential customers that your store is safe for pickup with disinfection and ventilation of premises, temperature measurement, mandatory mask usage, and so on. This way you'll encourage people to pick up their orders and reduce the delivery service workload.

Get Your Website Ready in Advance
In the calm before Black Friday, update the website so you can publish the pages on the big day stress-free.

1. Label discounted items with "SALE" or "X% OFF" and show the old and new prices. You easily label products on Tilda using pre-designed blocks.

2. Create a special Black Friday offers section on your website.

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