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👩‍🎓 Online Course Builder Updates

It is now possible to export user data by groups, protect lecture content from copying, and randomize the order of questions and answers in tests. Learn more about the updates👇
Exporting Group Members Data
You can now export user data in the CSV format organized by group. It can be of use in case you want to send them marketing newsletters or manage sales activities in CRM or Google Sheets.

Where to find: Members → All Members → three dots next to the Add new member button → Export members.
Content Copy Protection For Lecture Texts
You can now protect text and images in lectures from copying by disabling text selection and right-clicking in the browser. Note that it may not provide 100% protection against all browser tools.

Where to find: Members → Course → Add/Edit lecture → Protect content from being copied.
Randomized Question And Answer Order in Tests
Test questions and answers can now be displayed randomly. It helps prevent cheating and encourages students to rely on their newly-acquired knowledge.

Where to find: Members → Course → Add/Edit lecture (lecture type: Test) → Randomize the order of questions/answer options.
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