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How To Write Effective Alt Text

To boost your website rankings on Google and improve SEO, it's a good idea to add alternative text (alt text) to images. Swipe left to discover how to write a good alt text 👉

Do you add alt text to images on your website? It's important not only for SEO but also for visually impaired people. They use screen readers that read aloud the content of the website, including the alt text for the images. If there's no alt text, the user will not be able to know what is displayed in the picture.

Why You Need To Add Alt Text To Images
On Tilda, you can add an alt text, or text description, to any images on the website.

Alt text helps improve SEO: Search engines perceive it as keywords and count them while indexing the page. Images with alt-text are also included in the image search, which can bring in additional traffic. For example, if a user enters a bicycle model in the search and goes to the images section, they can click your image there and go to your website.

How To Write Effective Alt Text
1. Describe what is in the image. To do it right, imagine that you need to tell someone what's depicted in it. The description should relate to the content of the website.

2. Write concisely: Recommended length is 125 characters.

3. Don't include the words "image" or "picture," go straight to the description.

4. Don't overuse keywords. Search engines may qualify it as spam.

5. Do not add alt text to decorative or insignificant images, such as backgrounds or icons.

How To Add Alt Text On Tilda
- In standard blocks, open the "Content" panel, click three dots opposite the uploaded image, and type in the alt text under "SEO: Image Alt Text."

- In Zero Block, select the image, find the "ALT" field in the Element Settings, and type in the text.

- In blocks from the "Gallery" category, open the "Content" panel in the editor and click "Text" opposite the uploaded image. Then add the image description in the "Image alt for SEO" field.

Learn more about how to improve the website's rankings in search results in our SEO guide: https://help.tilda.cc/search-engine
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