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Importing Designs from Figma to Tilda

🚀 New feature: Automatic import of Figma designs into Tilda's Zero Block. No need to transfer your layouts manually, now you can do it via API in a few clicks.

How import from Figma to Zero Block works

1. Prepare the layout for transfer from Figma so that elements move to the right places after the import:

- Frame width is 1200px;
- Each block is in a separate frame;
- To import a group with an image, name it "image" or "svg";
- To import a button, group its text and shape and name the group "button";
- The width of the text on the button should match the width of the button shape;
- If there is an effect on the shape that is not supported in Zero Block, the shape is imported with the effect image in the background

2. Get an API token in your Figma account settings. Through the API, Tilda will access the layout and transfer it to Zero Block automatically.

3. Import the layout into Zero Block:
- Open the menu in Zero Block;
- Click "Import";
- Paste the layout URL and the API token and click “Import”.

Guide to importing layouts from Figma into Tilda: https://blog-en.tilda.cc/import-from-figma-to-zero-block.

The feature is in beta. If you have any suggestions for improvement, you've noticed a bug, or you're unable to transfer the layout, email our support team using the widget in your dashboard.

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