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🎨 How Illustrations Can Benefit Your Website 

Incorporating illustrations into a website's design not only makes it look unique but also helps highlight key elements, set the composition rhythm, enhance storytelling, and more.

Check out these websites from the #madeontilda gallery that feature illustrations and get inspired for your future projects👇

Adding a Personal Touch
Illustrations convey the unique essence and character of a brand or creator, helping to tell a story. They communicate what makes you, you, why what you do deserves attention. For example, hand-drawn doodles add individual charm to a photographer's portfolio.

Highlighting Key Content
Illustrations don't have to dominate the design to be effective. Subtle graphics or sketches can highlight key content. Place illustrations strategically to direct users' attention. This website uses small drawings to emphasize the message in the hero section.

Visualizing the Process
Illustrations help simplify complex information, break down complicated processes, visualize abstract ideas, and more. These cute animated illustrations perfectly complement the features section, making basic concepts memorable.

Enhancing Company's Brand
Illustrations help establish a brand's unique identity and communicate its message by reflecting core values and personality, making it easily distinguishable from competitors. This website uses illustrations to strengthen brand identity and create an immersive experience.

Evoking Emotions
Illustrations, especially hand-drawn ones, excel at evoking positive feelings like nostalgia. Use them to deeply connect with your audience and provoke a reaction. This website uses hand-drawn doodles to advocate for environmental protection.
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