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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Personal Brand Website

If you're building a website for your personal brand, avoid these five mistakes to effectively launch and promote your website:

❌ Endlessly Rewriting the Text
Don't chase the perfect wording in the draft, launch the website and evaluate its performance. You can always edit the copy or adjust the design in the future. You are free to experiment, but you don't want to procrastinate with the launch.

❌ Sharing Non-Original Content
Search engines don't like plagiarism. Don't copy information from other sources—write your own text. This will help convey your unique story and your style, even if you can't articulate it beautifully.

❌ Ignoring Spelling and Grammar
Errors and typos distract from reading, are annoying, and hurt your reputation. Errors usually mean you don't have the time or desire to double-check, which gives a bad impression of you.

❌ Using Old Photos
A personal website should accurately reflect you. If you change your appearance frequently, update your photos on the website just as often. This is necessary so that customers will recognize you when they meet or call you in person; a mismatched image can confuse a person and negatively affect their decision to work with you.

❌ Showcasing Old Cases
If your best project was done five years ago, show it, but don't forget to add recent work as well. If your website only has old cases, a visitor will have questions about the relevance of your services.

A personal website can be changed and updated regularly. It is important that it remains relevant and useful to clients, without confusing them with radical changes. Content will always be more important than appearance.
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