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New eCommerce Block: Favorites

Now your online store visitors can mark products as favorites and display them in a separate widget. Shoppers can save the items they like and easily revisit them later.

Once you've added the new block, a heart-shaped button will appear on all product cards allowing visitors to select the items they like.

You can position the heart button in different ways: Inside the image, near the buttons, or in a product pop-up. For single products, the favorites button is displayed next to the "Buy" and "More" buttons. Also, you can change the size of buttons, background color, active button styles, and more.

The widget works just like the shopping cart—it appears when at least one product on the page is marked with a heart. When the visitor clicks on the widget, a list of favorite items with their titles, images, and prices is displayed.

Buyers can click on each product, view it, and decide on a purchase. Alternatively, you can set the list to open every time an item is added to favorites.

The look of the widget is under your control: Modify its size, the color of the icon, number, and circle, and set its position and indents. You can also upload a custom icon in the block's Content section.

Learn more about the Favorites block.
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