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✨ Meet Tilda AI: A New Tool For Generating Website Copy

Writing copy for your website is easier and faster than ever with Tilda AI. It's available in all text fields of the pre-designed blocks and Zero Block. Learn how you can use it to come up with text content👇

Use Cases
•A client has not provided the description of, e.g., the services, so you have to come up with it by yourself.
•While working on a website layout, you realize text needs to be shortened or expanded to look better.
•You are waiting for the text but are ready to start designing the layout, so you can generate the text and then replace it with the final copy.

How To Use Tilda AI
•Add a block to the page and start editing the text field. In the toolbar on top, click "Generate with AI" button.
•Provide a short description of your website to help the AI Assistant better understand the context.
•Enter your prompt.

Dos And Don'ts For Prompts
•Be specific. Large text → A three-sentence paragraph.
•Avoid vague language. Eloquent text → Text for a non-tech audience.
•Avoid slang, bad grammar, and typos. Write smth bout our perks → List our key employee benefits.

If you're not entirely satisfied with the result, try to rephrase the prompt or add more context, and then click the "Regenerate" button. You can also edit the output manually and copy it at any time.

Discover more about the Tilda AI in the Help Center👉 https://help.tilda.cc/tilda-ai.
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