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🔗 New Template Category: Link In Bio

Introducing the Link In Bio category, which features over 25 brand-new templates designed to enhance your social media and messenger presence. You can flexibly personalize any template and introduce yourself and your business, share contact details, showcase your services or products, and much more.

What Is Link In Bio?
Link In Bio is a web page containing multiple links, designed for social media where only one clickable link is usually allowed.

Let's say you're a designer with a business account on Instagram and you want to share links to your portfolio, personal blog, and messenger in your bio. You can use one of Link In Bio templates to guide your followers, helping them easily discover those resources.

What About the Templates?
The templates are categorized by color like classic black & white, olive, purple, red, etc., or type of business, such as dental clinic, car dealership, dance school, etc. Choose the preferred template and personalize it with links, images, and text to reflect your unique style or brand identity.

Check out new templates now: https://tilda.cc/tpls/#cp.
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