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⚡ Zero Block Update: Overflow For X & Y Axes

⚡ In the Zero Block editor, you can now set separate overflow settings for the X and Y axes. This is handy if, for example, you want cards containing reviews or images to scroll only horizontally, without vertical displacement.

Check out how the setting affects elements placed outside the artboard👇

Overflow: Hidden
This parameter hides all the content that extends beyond the artboard, preventing it from being visible on the published page.

Overflow: Visible
When selected for both axes, elements outside the artboard will overlap all the other elements. In this case, all the block's content is displayed along the Y axis (vertical) in its entirety, while the display of content along the X axis (horizontal) will depend on the screen resolution.

Overflow: Auto
This parameter allows vertical and horizontal scroll inside the block. This is handy when you want elements outside the artboard to display without overlapping elements placed within the block.

X: Hidden, Y: Visible/Auto
This parameter allows vertical scroll, fixing the block in place until all the content along the Y axis is shown.

X: Visible/Auto, Y: Hidden
This parameter reveals all the content outside the artboard on horizontal scroll.
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