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🎉 Tilda. Year In Review

Custom breakpoints in Zero Block, a new Vector element, digital website accessibility, typography for mobile versions, a block-based text editor, and more.

Explore our major updates from this year👇

Color Picker Widget
It is now easier to use the website color palette and pick the right color faster. Select any color from the page using the eye dropper tool and choose a preferred color model for your website.

Learn more: https://blog-en.tilda.cc/new-color-picker

Block-Based Text Editor
The new editor is designed to simplify and speed up creating layouts in Courses and Feeds. In place of the default Block Library, the following types of content are available: Text, heading, image, video, quote, introduction, HTML code, divider, callout, and designed code with highlighting.

AI Assistant
When editing text, you can enter the query for the assistant and get instantly generated copy. Describe what your website is about, enter a detailed prompt, edit the result if necessary, and you're good to go!

Learn more: https://help.tilda.cc/tilda-ai

Block Library Updates
You can now make input fields in one row in online forms, use dynamic discounts for products in the Product Catalog, set up gradients for buttons and backgrounds, and much more.

Vector: New Element
Create and edit vector elements in Zero Block. With the new vector editor, you can design any kind of shapes and basic illustrations for the website, as well as refine imported SVG files.

Learn more: https://blog-en.tilda.cc/vector-element-in-zero-block/

Digital Accessibility
We've made a lot of progress and keep on working to make the websites you create on Tilda user-friendly for most people, including those with disabilities. The layout and attributes make a website easily understandable by assistive technologies. For example, screen readers will accurately read the website content.

Learn more: https://tilda.cc/lp/accessibility/

Customer Care
This year, Customer Care handled 230 000+ inquiries. Thank you for reaching out! We work hard to resolve issues as quickly as possible, offer solutions to complex requests, and carefully gather your feedback and ideas.

#madeontilda Web Design Collection
This year, we received 15 000+ website applications. Every year we see how the professional development of designers on Tilda grows along with the platform. We are very proud of you!

Digital Marketing Course
An ultimate course with in-depth accessible explanations on how to promote websites with easy-to-follow guides, expert tips, and case studies. Great for newbies, startup teams, and anyone who wants to market their project online: https://tilda.education/en/digital-marketing-course

Don't for get to check out the full version here: https://blog-en.tilda.cc/2023-in-review/

Thank you for being part of this busy but exciting year! Stay tuned for more, and let's keep on rocking!🧡
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