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Galaxy Effect: a simple way to liven up your website cover

🌌 ✨ You can add volume, depth, and the twinkling stars effect to the cover of the website with the T826 block from the Tilda library.

The Cover Page is the first thing your visitors see, so it largely determines whether they close the tab and forget about you, or stay on the page. This is why creating a striking cover page is so important.

Here's how you can add the Galaxy effect to your page. 

👉 Add any cover (except for the slider) on the page along with the text. Then select the block T826 "Galaxy effect for covers" from the Other category. Done! A black-and-blue filter with upward moving dots will be applied to the cover page automatically.

👉 You can change the color of the filter or turn it off in the settings panel of the block. You can also adjust the direction of the dots (e.g., from top to bottom), change their color and opacity.

👉 To apply the effect to more than one block or non-cover, specify the block ID numbers in the block Content panel. To set the effect for the entire page at once, check the "Apply to the whole page" box in the block settings.
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