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Banner with a Selection of Cookie Types

🍪 You can now add not only a cookie banner but also the option to disable the unnecessary types of cookies. Add a new block T972 Cookies Consent Settings from the "Other" category to your page. Here's more.

Cookie files are pieces of data that are stored on a user's computer after they visit a website. They help the browser send data to the server without slowing down the page load speed.

The notification and management of cookies on websites are regulated by law in many countries—in particular, the GDPR in the EU.

The new block allows you to manage 4 types of cookie files:

1. Essential cookies. Essential cookies are enabled by default. They cannot be disabled as they are used for the correct operation of the system and the website, including protection against DDoS attacks.

2. Analytics cookies allow the collection of data for statistics: Tilda's built-in stats and Google Analytics. If a visitor hasn't accepted or has disabled analytics cookies, the website won't transfer the data to the analytics tools. However, Tilda's built-in stats will record the visit anyway, without using a cookie.

3. Advertising cookies allow integrations with Facebook pixel. If a visitor hasn't accepted or disabled these cookies, the pixel code will not transmit any data.

4. Others cookie types help collect additional data if you are using custom code.

You can customize the titles and descriptions of different cookie types in the Content section of the block. Make sure to describe them in simple terms to make it easier for people to decide what data to share. You can also set titles for the cookie widget and buttons and a title and description of the settings window.

You can flexibly customize the widget look in the Settings: Change its position on the screen, edit the background color and buttons, round the corners, and use custom fonts. Stylize the banner to match the design of your website or keep the classic white bar. The key here is to keep the design streamlined and easy to use.

📌 Disabling cookies completely blocks the scripts where they are installed. This means that Google Analytics will not work until a website visitor agrees to the use of cookies.

Please note that the cookie notification will be shown to users only once. When they return to the website, the system will automatically apply the consent and past cookie settings that the visitor has selected.

Learn more about cookies 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/cookies-consent
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