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How To Create a QR Code Menu

🥘 Tilda no-touch menus reduce the number of contacts between restaurant or cafe visitors and staff and speed up service. Visitors can scan the QR code and choose the dishes directly on their smartphones. Waiters won't have to bring the menu anymore—they'd come to take orders.

You can either turn your restaurant's Home Page into a no-touch menu or create a dedicated menu page.

If you need to create a contactless menu quickly, use Tilda templates and personalize them to your liking:

Restaurant template: https://tilda.cc/tpls/page/?q=agaterestaurant
Pizzeria template: https://tilda.cc/tpls/page/?q=pizzeria
Burger house template: https://tilda.cc/tpls/page/?q=bravaburger

View more templates 👉 https://tilda.cc/tpls

Use a QR code generator to get a code linked to your web page. Print the QR code together with the link and a short guide, such as "Scan the QR code to see the menu" and stick the cards you've printed on the tables.
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