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Personalizing Website with Dynamic Content

The best way to convince someone that they need your product is to personalize your offer. Customers can come from different countries, speak different languages, and have different interests. Dynamic content is a handy way to customize your offer for each group and increase conversion rates.

Using dynamic content, you can show a tailored offer based on the visitors' parameters, such as location, browser language, etc. You can change words, links, phone numbers, entire blocks, or redirect visitors to another page.

What parameters can be used to create dynamic content?

▪️ URL Parameters

The content of a page can automatically change depending on the URL used to arrive at your website. E.g., the title on a dancing school landing page can vary: If a user was searching for tango lessons, they will see "Tango for beginners" on the cover page. The dance style will vary for each search query. To modify URL parameters, use blocks T803 and T809 from the "Other" category.

▪️ Location

Change the content depending on a user's location, namely country, region, or city. E.g., you can redirect visitors to the location-specific version of your website, or replace texts and sections. To modify location parameters, use blocks T804 and T810 from the "Other" category.

▪️ Browser Language

This parameter is used for multilingual websites. It brings visitors to the correct language version of the website based on the language settings in their browser. To modify language parameters, use blocks T805 and T839 from the "Other" category.

Learn more about personalizing landing pages 👉https://help.tilda.cc/multilanding-geolanding
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