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Nostalgia In Web Design

Nostalgia in web design redefines the aesthetics of the 90s and is inspired by retro design. Nostalgic websites are often colorful and eye-catching and make you feel the 90s vibes. To make a nostalgic website, even one design solution might be enough. Discover how the style works.

Windows & UI Elements

Framed cards imitating windows, folders on the old Windows desktop, etc. - recognizable attributes of the time.


In the nostalgic style, you'll often find monospaced fonts, referring to the machine code. Alternatively, the typography is an imitation of the youth magazines of the 90s with flashy grouped headlines and stroke fonts.

Illustrations & Graphics

Imagery is experimental and wild, can feature detailed comic strips characters illustrations, collages and framed photos, as if they were cut out of magazines. Feel free to use glitch effects and other "accidental" visual distortions for the design.

Game-Like Elements

References to the 90s consoles, pixelated graphics, and game elements both serve as flashbacks and as engaging mechanisms for the website.

Creating a 90s-inspired website is a bold design decision where it's crucial to strike a balance between aesthetics and usability. Make sure your website remains functional and user-friendly, and the style matches the tone of the content.

Have you ever designed a website in a similar style? Share in the comments 🎮
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