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Color Picker Update

Meet a new color selection panel with advanced features for easier color customization for your website:

Eye Dropper

Pick any color from a page by clicking on it. Available when editing from the desktop. Keep in mind that Safari and Firefox don't support the eye dropper.

You can select one of the three color models:

HEX. Each color is represented by a 6-digit combination of numbers and letters, e.g., #FFFFFF. The most common model in web design, HEX was already built into Tilda.

RGB. The colors are encoded based on the proportions of the primary colors - red, green, and blue, such as 255, 255, 255.

HSL. Color is specified by three parameters: Tone, Saturation, and Lightness, such as 11, 0%, 100%. This model is designed according to human color perception (not the machine one).

Displayed Palette

Customize which palette will be displayed in the panel: Colors on page, Saved colors, or Tilda Colors library. For Zero Block, an additional gradient palette is displayed, for standard blocks it will appear later.

🎨 The new color panel is available in all blocks with color settings, Site Settings, and Newsletter Page Settings.
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