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🎈 How To Use Pop-Ups On Your Website

Pop-ups are a powerful tool for converting website visitors into leads and customers. They can be triggered by actions such as scrolling, link clicks, or specific mouse movements, like attempting to close a page, overlaying the rest of the content.

Learn how pop-ups work and how to effectively integrate them on your Tilda website to boost conversions👇

Why Use Pop-Ups
Pop-ups on a website can help:
• Collect contact information
• Encourage subscriptions
• Promote special offers
• Gather requests
• Display ads

All this emphasizes specific content. For instance, if a visitor quickly scrolls, they might miss the call-to-action to subscribe to a newsletter. A pop-up with the same CTA and a promo code boosts conversions.

Types Of Pop-Ups
Pop-ups vary depending on the user action that triggers them, such as scrolling, clicking, or moving the cursor in a specific direction, like towards a close icon.

Pop-Up On Click
If your online store hosts closed sales, add a “Join the loyalty program” button. When clicked, a pop-up will appear, inviting visitors to join a mailing list for exclusive member events and deals.

On Tilda, several blocks display pop-ups on click: BF501N, BF502N, BF503, BF504. After adding one of these blocks, you'll see a link that needs to be attached to the button to trigger a pop-up upon clicking.

Pop-Up On Scroll
These pop-ups appear when a user scrolls down to a specific area on the page. For example, on the section with product cards, a pop-up showcasing the best deals can appear.

Use block T183.

Timed Pop-Up
These pop-ups appear when a specified amount of time passes after a visitor lands on the page: You can display a subscription form after 30 seconds, giving the user enough time to get an idea of the product.

Use block T188.

Exit Intent Pop-Up
These pop-ups appear when a visitor is about to leave the page. They are triggered by a cursor moving towards the close icon of the browser tab or address bar.

Use block T723.

This type of pop-up can be annoying, so consider A/B testing to make sure it doesn't hurt conversion.

Other Pop-Ups You Can Use On Tilda
• T1093 Zero Block In Pop-Up
Create a pop-up with any design. For example, create a dynamic menu, custom tooltip, or a pop-up ad.

• T868 Embed HTML Code In Pop-Up
Insert an HTML code into a pop-up. The block supports HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

• BF501N, BF502N, BF504, BF920 Pop-Ups With Data Capture Form
Gather feedback from visitors and conduct customer surveys.

• VD09, VD10, VD15 Video Pop-Ups
Add a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or upload it to a from a third-party hosting service

For more pop-up blocks, visit the "Pop-up" category in Tilda's Block Library.
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