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Boost Your Website For Black Friday

Every year in late November, online and offline stores launch massive sales for Black Friday. The preparation starts long before the actual day since there are many things to take care in advance like setting sales goals, choosing products for discounts, assess potential risks, etc.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 24. Here is a checklist to ensure your website is fully prepared for this major sales event👇

Announce An Upcoming Promotion
Promote Black Friday deals through various channels, such as your website, social media, or paid advertising. Your Instagram followers are more likely to engage in great deals, since they are familiar with your brand and have an interest in your offerings.

To build anticipation atmosphere and ensure that prospects won't miss the sale, put a pre-designed countdown timer on your website. Add either block CR34 ("Cover with a countdown and subscription form") or CR35 ("Cover with a countdown and buttons").

Choose Products To Discount
Offer discounts on your popular products and create deals for items that maybe have been sitting on the shelf for too long.

To prevent overselling during the crazy discount period, keep an eye on the stock. You can set up product reservation for items in the Product Catalog—after a customer adds an item to the shopping cart, it gets booked, and they have time to complete the purchase before everything is sold out.

More on setting up product booking: https://help.tilda.cc/online-store-payments/catalog.

Update Your Website
Make sure to update your website in advance, so all that's left to do on the launch day is publish the pages. Here are some ideas:

• Label discounted items with "SALE", and add the old and new prices.
• Create a section dedicated to Black Friday exclusive deals.
• Add feedback widgets so visitors can get in touch quickly.
• Add a "See also" section to increase the average check.

Analyze Campaign Performance
Once the sale is over, take down all mention of it from your website and stop paid ads. False expectations created by outdated information can upset visitors and drive them away.

Analyze the results of the campaign by using Tilda's built-in Statistics or Google Analytics to determine which sales targets were met and what improvements can be made in the future.
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