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How To Create Quiz On Tilda

Did you know you can add a quiz on Tilda using built-in pre-designed blocks?

A quiz is an interactive questionnaire on the website that helps increase conversions. Quizzes reveal you client preferences and help tailor relevant offers. Discover why to use a quiz on your website and how to create one on Tilda.

Why Use Quizzes?

▪Reduce cost per lead. Interactive elements improve engagement rate. Once the visitor completed a survey, they are more likely to share their contact.

▪ Leverage social media. Post a link to the quiz on social to attract leads from new sources.

▪ Tailored offers for segmented user groups. Offering exactly what clients are searching for increases the chances of a purchase.

▪ Save time. Managers will faster understand what a potential buyer wants by looking at the quiz results.

How To Create Quizzes?

Step 1: Choose the BF919 block "Multi-step form" in the "Form" category. If you want the quiz to open as a pop-up, add the BF920 block "Pop-up: Multi-step form."

Step 2: Add questions, select desired types and answer formats, and fill in the required fields. Publish the page.

Step 3: Visitors will complete the quiz and share their contact info in the end. You'll see submissions in the CRM and in the "Leads" section of your personal account on Tilda.

Step 4: Tailor the offer to fit specific requirements of the potential client. Contact them to make a personalized offer.

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