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If you are building a blog on Tilda, chances are it’s important for you to receive feedback. The comment section engages users and allows the writer and reader to exchange opinions. Despite the obvious advantages, there are disadvantages, too. Keep reading to discover more pros and cons.

  • Responding to user comments will help you get to know your audience better, receive feedback, and find topics for new posts. However, responding to comments can be time and energy-consuming. Sometimes your efforts are better invested elsewhere.

  • Comments equal social approval and serve as a sign that people are reading what you write. It is likely that a new user will read these comments, find the answer they were looking for, and begin to trust you. Some people believe that blogs shouldn’t allow negative comments. Constructive criticism is helpful for developing and improving your blog, but it's better to control baseless negative comments with content moderation.

  • If a user has made an effort to leave a comment, they're more likely to subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product. Identifying a direct correlation between the actions is not easy, but as a rule, one causes the other and positively affects the conversion rate.

💬 How do I add a comments section to the Tilda blog?
There are two ways to do it: using a third-party commenting service or social media.

1. Commenting services Disqus and HyperComments are integrated with Tilda.
To use one of them, sign up for the service and receive an embed code. On Tilda, add T158 block for Disqus or T163 for HyperComments to the page and paste the code in the Content panel of the block.

The advantage of using these services is that they offer a variety of authorization methods for adding comments. This may be handy for users who don't have social media accounts.

2. You can also add comments from Facebook to the page.
To do this, add the SN601 block from the "Social Networks" category to the page and paste the Facebook App ID in the block.

The best thing about adding comments from social media is that it's free and unrestricted.

✌️ Comments can be added to any web page, including Feeds.

Learn more about adding a comment section to blogs created on Tilda 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/comments
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