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Non-Breaking Space and Word Wrapping

A non-breaking space is a symbol that binds two words together and prevents an automatic line break, which improves text readability.

Let's compare:

Shop at a
supermarket, not
at a supermarket,
not online.

In the first example, the eye doesn't immediately notice the word that follows the preposition—you have to jump to the next line to understand what this text is saying. In the second example, the eye slides across the text, which is easy to read.

To add a non-breaking space in Tilda, put the   symbols between the words you want to bind together or use a Typograph tool.

For example, you could use non-breaking spaces to bind together:
Initials: J.K. Rowling
Dates and times: May 1st, 1 p.m., January 2022
Figures of measurement: 20 lbs, 42 meters, 5 inches
Monetary amounts: $100 trillion, ten thousand
Mailing addresses: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, P.O. Box 390
Words with a hyphen: five-page essay
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