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🌿 How To Create Marketing Quizzes With Branching

A marketing quiz is a questionnaire designed to help convert leads into customers. By using branching logic, you can build custom question paths based on visitors' previous answers. This helps automate processes such as creating personalized offers or collecting segmented leads, and also increases user engagement.

Learn how to create quizzes with branching on Tilda, and boost conversions on your website👇

What Is Branching Logic
Build custom question paths based on visitors' previous answers.

Suppose you have a furniture shop. If a visitor chooses a wooden table, they will be prompted to select the wood type. Based on their choice, you can calculate the final price and make a personalized offer.

How To Come Up With Such Quizzes
• Think what questions will be determined by the users' responses. Draw a diagram illustrating the branching logic: You can use paper or any mind-mapping tool.
• Make the goal of the quizzes clear in the heading and offer a bonus, for instance:
Estimate the price of your kitchen and get 10% off
• Use images for easier answer selection and to showcase your products.

Creating Branching Quizzes On Tilda
1. Add a vertical or multi-step form to your page (for example, the BF204N block from the "Form" category).
2. Go to the block's Content tab → Input fields → More: Visibility conditions.
3. Specify the conditions for displaying the fields. For example, the assembly service question will only be displayed if the user selected a "fully assembled" response.

How To Improve Your Quizzes
• You can make a quiz appear as a pop-up triggered by scrolling or moving the cursor in an attempt to close the browser tab.
To do so, in addition to the block with a form, add one of the pop-up blocks like BF920.
• When the respondent finishes the quiz and leaves their contacts, you'll see the submission in the Leads tab. You can also connect a built-in Tilda CRM or any other data capture service, such as Google Sheets.
• If you're not sure which quiz scenario works best, run an A/B test. Create two pages that vary only in quiz content to analyze the submission effectiveness.

Learn more about creating an online form with branching on Tilda: https://help.tilda.cc/forms/field-visibility-conditions.
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