New data collection forms
Now all data forms include an unlimited number of entry fields, drop-down lists and checkboxes. What's more, users can confirm actions by ticking a box,
choose a date in the calendar or send files.
Create your own data collection form, conduct polls, make online bookings, collect CVs and simplify the process of sending data.
Here's what our data collection forms allow you to do:

✓ Create an unlimited number of fields
✓ Create drop-down lists
✓ Suggest choosing a number of options (checkbox)
✓ Suggest choosing from a set of options, only one of which can be selected at any time (radio button)
✓ Confirm an action with a tick
✓ Select dates in a calendar
✓ Select quantity of goods or services using buttons + / –
✓ Send files
✓ Add text comments to fields
✓ Set the format for data input
How do add the form to the page
Data collection forms can be found in the library under the 'Form and button' category.
Our forms can be integrated with 12 popular services: send data to your email address, to Google Drive, UniSender, MailChimp, Sendgrid, AmoCRM, Bitrix24, Megaplan, GetResponse, Telegram or Slack.

Not a single form will be lost. Even if you do not connect to any of the data collection services, filled out forms will be kept in your personal account on Tilda in 'Forms'.
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