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#madeontilda: 10 Inspiring Websites Designed By Tilda Users
An organizational app for teams trying to make us forget about spreadsheets
A portfolio website of a French artist with an unconditional fascination for skulls based in New York
A music marketing agency that believes odd is cool (it shows up on their website:)
A service that finds clubs for children in the local area (try their step-by-step quiz!)
A luxury property developer in Lisbon and on the coast in Cascais and Estoril, Portugal
A lifestyle online store for modern mothers
A multi-lingual website for a smoked meat restaurant chain in Canada
A European renewal energy community advocating for investments in the green future
A digital dental app with artificial intelligence that can pre-diagnose plaque, dental caries, etc.
An edutainment center for children and teenagers with classes, parties, and clubs in Dubai, UAE
FEBRUARY 21, 2023
Vector. New Element In Tilda’s Zero Block
You can now create and edit vector elements in Zero Block. With the new vector editor, you can design any kind of shapes and basic illustrations for the website, as well as refine imported SVG files.
FEBRUARY 7, 2023
More Updates
Rounded corners for blocks from the "Tile and Link" category
How to enable: Settings → Cards → Corner Radius.
For some blocks from the "Tile and Link" category, you can now round the corners of the cards. The new setting is available for TE100, TE105, TE205, TE215, TE230, TE700, and TE710 blocks.
In Zero Block, it is now possible to add MP4 videos. Upload the video to your own server and link to it in the Settings of the Video element.
HTML videos in Zero Block
Where to find: Settings → Pop-Up.
In the product card, it is possible to adjust the size of the content container and set it either to 12 columns or 100% of the screen width. Available for blocks ST300, ST305N, ST310N, ST315N, ST320N, and ST330 from the "Store" category.
Modifying font size for the product description and container size in product cards
Where to find: Settings → Typography.
In blocks ST310N, ST300, ST305N, ST315N, ST320N, and ST330 you can now set the font size for the product SKU, options, and characteristics.
Deleting outdated posts in the "News feed channel" block T854
Where to find: Content → Go to the news feed settings → click Settings next to the required channel → Delete outdated posts.
You can now manually delete irrelevant news for Telegram channels connected through the bot in the block T854 "News feed channel" from the "Other" category.
Masonry gallery in two columns for mobile view
In the mobile version of the GL23 "Masonry gallery" block, the images display in two columns. If a user is viewing the website from a 320px wide device, the photos will be displayed in one column, as they were before.
Members Area updates
Where to find: Site Settings → Membership → Manage members → Members Area Settings → Mail Server Settings.
You can now set fonts and colors for the Members Area in Site Settings. To apply changes, simply open the Membership management panel.
JANUARY 30, 2023
Custom Setup Of Viewport Sizes In Zero Block
You can now flexibly set up viewport sizes and create responsive layouts for any device in Zero Block using custom breakpoints. The breakpoint range is 320px to 1920px.

You can modify 5 default screen sizes, add new breakpoints, or remove unnecessary ones. A maximum of 10 different viewport sizes can be configured.
JANUARY 25, 2023
New Block-Based Text Editor In Feeds & Courses
The new editor is designed to simplify and speed up creating layouts for your articles and blog posts. In place of the default block library, the following types of content are available: Text, heading, image, video, quote, introduction, divider, callout, and designed code with highlighting. It is also possible to add third-party HTML code to the page.

Blocks can be modified using the context menu: Move, delete, and convert them to other types, such as from body text to a quote. Some block types have a specific set of settings: You can set a caption, alt text, and a link for an image.
JANUARY 20, 2023
Dynamic Discounting In Product Catalog
You can now create flexible—linear or differential—discounts for your products in the Catalog.

The linear discount varies within a set range, such as from 5 to 15%, depending on the number of orders or the total purchase amount. The differential discount is fixed, and you can assign multiple rules to it.

You can set several discounts and apply them to all the products in the Catalog, specific categories, or selected products. You can also specify the discount duration and the number of available activations.

Where to enable: Product Catalog → three-dot menu in the gray panel on top → Discounts.
JANUARY 17, 2023
Tilda Customers' Success Stories
Marcus Triest, UI/UX Designer & Head Of Product Based In Austin, Texas
Marcus explains his approach to a quick concept validation by creating landing pages on Tilda and tells about his personal project Foodparks
JANUARY 10, 2023
New Template In the Pro Category
Fox is a minimalist Swiss-style template. Orange is used not only as an accent color but also for content. Note the typography design and the usage of white space.

The template is created in Zero Block using Auto Scale.
DECEMBER 22, 2022
Tilda. Year In Review 2022
Online course builder, advanced interface mode, new eCommerce features, block & CRM updates, and more for your projects on Tilda.
DECEMBER 6, 2022
Online Course Builder: New Feature On Tilda (beta)
Create a course for a wide audience or publish lectures for employees using the course builder. Add sections, videos, and texts, check student knowledge using interactive tests and quizzes and assign tutors to check homework.

Start earning by sharing your knowledge — create your own course on Tilda. Course builder is included in the subscription price, you don’t need to pay extra for the feature.

Where to find: Site Settings → Membership → Create new course.
NOVEMBER 28, 2022
Advanced Interface Mode
Advanced interface mode is available for projects with 20+ pages. Search, sorting, and bulk actions with pages are now available. Lists of pages and project cards are reduced in size which makes navigation easier. Page URLs are displayed in a separate column for clarity.
NOVEMBER 28, 2022
Sidebar With Page & Project Lists For Easier Navigation
A sidebar is a new control element on Tilda for easy management and navigation between projects and pages. You can now switch between projects without leaving the Editor. To open the sidebar, click the waves in the top left corner of the toolbar.
NOVEMBER 16, 2022
Fullscreen Shopping Cart With an Order Form
A new setting is available for the ST100 block "Shopping cart with an order form." It modifies the display of the cart and divides the purchase process into 2 steps. First, customers confirm the selection of products; second, they fill in contact details. In the second step, the shopping cart is displayed fullscreen.

Where to configure: ST100 → Settings → Multi-step checkout.
NOVEMBER 4, 2022
More Updates
Fullscreen mobile submenu
Where to find: Block Settings → Submenu Settings → Show submenu on mobile in full screen.
For blocks from the "Menu" category, you can now expand the submenu on mobile devices to full screen.
Where to find: Block Settings → Pop-Up → Gallery style.
It is now possible to display product photos in 1 or 2 rows, the text description will be fixed when scrolling. Available for ST3XX blocks from the "Store" category. The style applies to desktop versions only.
Pop-up gallery style setup for ST3XX blocks
Where to find: In the Settings tab of each block.
For the 3 search blocks, you can now set up the preferences and search:
  • Entire website;
  • Pages;
  • Product Catalog;
  • Feeds.
Flexible search in T838, T985, and ME901 blocks
OCTOBER 28, 2022
"My Blocks" In the Library
Create your own design system for projects with the new "My Blocks" feature on Tilda. Design unique blocks in the Zero Block editor, customize basic blocks as you like, and save them in a dedicated category in the Block Library.
OCTOBER 27, 2022
Migration From jQuery To JavaScript Is Finalized
The Tilda codebase has been rewritten to JavaScript as part of a planned effort to increase website load speed. The jQuery library will no longer be connected to new projects.

If you plan to use the modifications in your future projects, the code must be rewritten to Vanilla JavaScript. Third-party jQuery scripts will continue to run in current projects. We recommend that you rewrite them to avoid affecting the performance of the website.
OCTOBER 11, 2022
Tilda Customers' Success Stories
London-Based Agency "Frank PR"
A story of Frank PR, one of the oldest and most awarded PR agencies in London that has recently launched their website with Tilda.
Visual Storyteller & Entrepreneur From North Carolina
Angela Hollowell explains how she combined her passion for photography and filmmaking with an interest in human rights and made a career—and a personal brand—out of it.
SEPTEMBER 19, 2022
Managing Available Dates In Forms
In online forms, you can now set unavailable dates on the calendar. When filling out the form, visitors will be able to select only those days that you set as available. This is handy if you provide services or deliver goods only on specific days.

To adjust the dates, open the Content panel of the block → Input Fields → "Date" field type → More, and select the checkboxes for the days that will be unavailable for selection in the calendar. The feature is active in all standard online form blocks and in Zero Block.
A major update was conducted on the Members Area platform to prepare it for further development. This is a technical update of the code, visually and functionally nothing has changed.
Members Area Technical Update
New Article On Tilda Education: Guide To Getting Started As a Freelance Web Designer
Learn how to create an effective portfolio, manage your workflow, price websites, and win over your first clients. Tips from experienced and award-winning web designers included!
Linking a news feed to the website with a Telegram bot. Block T854 "News feed channel" update
Block T854 now allows you to add news to your website from a public or personal Telegram channel using a bot. It takes only a few minutes to set up and allows you to have an automatically updated news feed on your website.
Receiving files from online forms to new storage services: Amazon and Microsoft OneDrive
In online forms, under the "File" input field, you can now connect 2 new data storage services for receiving files from your website visitors: Amazon and Microsoft OneDrive.
Keywords For Products In the Catalog
Keywords can now be added to products in the Catalog. This allows you to optimize your online store for search engines even better.

How to add: Product Catalog → select a product → SEO tab.
Improved way to add content for some blocks
You can now use cards to add images and texts to the updated blocks. The 4-card limit is disabled. The improvement works for blocks from the following categories: "Video," "Form," 'Button," "Features," "Partners," "Contacts," "Columns," and "Pricing Plans."
Two New Blocks In the Library
Block ST330. Product list in one column + Pop-up with product details
A concise list with horizontally-oriented product cards. Product details and an image gallery appear in a pop-up. A buy button can be located below the price or in one row with it. You can also select to show or hide separators, configure the right column width and align it, and specify how many items should be displayed before the "Load more" button. Find the block in the "Store" category.
Block IX06A. Simple page index:
Title with icon, description
A list of web pages with icons, titles, and descriptions. The description may be displayed or hidden, and the page order can be set in reverse. Find the block in the "Index" category.
#madeontilda: 10 Inspiring Websites Designed By Tilda Users
San Diego’s first iris photography studio
Italian fashion and jewelry designer Niccolò Pasqualetti' based between Paris and Tuscany
Independent company FoleyArt creates sound effects for cinema
Digital marketing agency Bridge from Zurich, Switzerland
Scientific Self-Discovery is a platform with tests that help people discover growth areas, talents, and gifts
Next-gen fitness and wellness app CoralApp built on blockchain technology
Ecological straws made of pasta Ouou from Lausanne, Switzerland
Sightseeing tour agency Vacao from the Dominican Republic
Yacht tours ABCostaBlanca from Spain
Gamified player experience Kikit captures and rewards real-world movements and encourages users to live active and healthy lifestyles
JULY 29, 2022
Critical Errors In Your Email Inbox
Important errors related to website integrations will now come to your inbox. You don’t need to log in to Tilda daily to monitor possible errors—you'll notice and be able to fix them on time. The account owner will receive an email about errors in the inbox once a day.

You can disable the email notifications and keep checking the errors in your personal account—the widget in the bottom right corner continues to display all errors. If you want to stop receiving email notifications, click "Unsubscribe" in the notification email.
JULY 24, 2022
Broken Link Checker
Check your website or web page for broken links with the new Tilda Broken Link Checker.

A broken link is a page URL that no longer works. The URL may have been changed, the page may have been deleted but the link remains on your website and no longer opens.

Broken links reduce the quality of the user experience. If there are many broken links on the website, it has a negative impact on SEO. To keep links on your website in order, use a free service to find broken links on your website or web page.
JULY 19, 2022
Automatic User Removal From a Group In Members Area
In Members Area, you can now set the time after which users will automatically be excluded from the course group. It can save you time. You can specify the access period of up to one year or until the date selected. The settings can be applied to the entire group and to a specific member.
JULY 12, 2022
More Updates
Setting a Restriction For Creating Zero Value Orders

Now you can restrict the creation of free orders in your online store. This is convenient if you have free samples or catalogs among your products, and you are ready to give them away only when clients purchase paid items.

How to enable: Site Settings → Payment Systems → General payment settings.
Tabs In One Row On Mobile Devices
In the Settings tab of the blocks ME602 "Tabs with background color" and ME603 "Tabs with a bottom border," a new checkbox "Display tabs in one row on mobile" is available. The blocks are in the "Menu" category.
JULY 4, 2022
Two New Blocks In The Library
Block SM102. Social media links in one column
Full-screen width buttons with social media links. You can select colors for buttons and add a custom icon. The block is in the "Social Media" category.
Block SM103. Rectangle social media links in a row
The buttons' width changes depending on the number of elements in a row. You can change the buttons' color, size, and radius in the Settings tab. The block is in the "Social Media" category.
JUNE 29, 2022
Tilda CRM Updates
Filtering By Date
If you have several fields with dates, you can now select one for filtering. Let's say you have the event date specified by a client and the date when the submission was sent, you can filter leads by any of these dates.
New Field: Products In the Order
Add the system field "Products In the Order" to display the data about purchases in your CRM table. You can export the list of orders as a CSV file. To do this, go to Settings → Export → Download.

Search Leads By Product Title
You can find the leads that contain the required products by using keywords in the search.
You can transfer or copy data from one field to another. To do this, open the list → Settings → Fields → Edit Field → Move Data.
Move Data Between Fields
Transferring leads between stages now considers the filter you've set for the list. It allows you to filter leads by date and move certain leads to the next stage.
Transfer Leads Between Stages
JUNE 25, 2022
Tilda Customers' Success Stories

Pro tips for creating website portfolios from Valeria Francis, Awwwards jury member and the winner of international design awards.

Awwwards Jury Member On How To Make Portfolio Website
Frank Adebiaye, founder of the Velvetyne Type Foundry, talks about work design and subjective typography.
Type Designer On Why Create Websites on Tilda
JUNE 22, 2022
New Article on Tilda Education: How To Create a Personal Brand Website
A guide for solopreneurs and professionals who want to market themselves online and get more clients. Learn why a website is useful for promoting your personal brand, and how to build one.
JUNE 19, 2022
Tilda on Search Engine Journal:
6 Features That Will Help You Rank High
Learn why Tilda is an SEO-friendly builder and how you can optimize your website in this handy manual from SEJ that highlights all the key SEO features on the platform.
JUNE 16, 2022
New Handy Way To Edit Social Media Links
It’s easier now to edit social media links in standard blocks: Select the social media from the list, add a title, and a link to the account. To change the order in which the icons are displayed on the website, simply drag the cards up and down.

14 new icons are available: WhatsApp, TikTok, Medium, Github, website, phone, and others. The update is available for blocks in the "Social Media," "Menu," "About," "Footer," and "Contacts" categories.
JUNE 12, 2022
Shopping Cart, Search, And Favorites In Menu
You can now display the shopping cart, search, and favorites icons in the menu blocks instead of separate widgets. The new icons are minimalist and are located in the same place.

How it works: Add the ME401 block to the page → Content → Cart, Search, And Favorites → select the checkbox you need. Then add blocks to the page—ST100 for the shopping cart, T985 for the search on the website, and ST110 for the favorites—and in the Settings tab of these blocks, under More Settings, select the checkbox "Don't show widget button."

This feature is available in menu blocks numbered ME4XX.
JUNE 2, 2022
New Profession: Designer on Tilda

The role of the designer is changing. Designers capable of working with a product in a comprehensive way—skilled in visual design, interfaces, UX, branding, identity, copywriting, marketing, SEO, and sales—are highly demanded.

Tilda enabled designers to implement this interdisciplinary approach: Technical processes are simplified and you get a toolset for comprehensive communication. That’s how a new profession came about: Designer on Tilda.

MAY 16, 2022
Image Resources In the Interface
We have added a large collection of quality resources with images, illustrations, and icons to the new section of the image library called "Resources."

To see the resources, add a block with an image to the page, open the "Content" panel → "Search photos."
APRIL 29, 2022
Client Stories On Tilda Education
New section added to our online learning resource Tilda Education—video interviews with designers and entrepreneurs who share how they accomplish professional and personal goals by creating websites on Tilda.

If you are a Tilda user and want to share your story, drop us a line on any social media and let's chat!

APRIL 20, 2022
The testing period for the Tilda Sans signature typeface is over :) Many thanks to all who participated and suggested improvements!

The typeface has been fine-tuned and now you are using the final version—it is already updated on all the websites with Tilda Sans, so you don’t need to do anything else.
Tilda Sans Update
Here are the key updates:
  • The uppercase letters have become much closer in weight to the lowercase letters making the font look even more neutral yet expressive;
  • The proportions of some characters have changed making the horizontal visual rhythm more uniform;
  • Superscripts now look more balanced and work better in small type.
#madeontilda: 10 Inspiring Websites Designed By Tilda Users
Marketing agency for music brands based in New York, US
Animated project about Ukrainian artists
App for business expansion made in Jakarta, Indonesia
Portfolio website of a documentary photographer based in Montreal, Canada
Personalized all-in-one app to monitor heart health from Boston, US
Personal website of Paul Rohde, coach, entrepreneur, and scientist
Sustainable rural development fund supporting villages
Virtual reality gaming arena in the capital of Romania
Online magazine published by Viola Narang from California, US
A team of senior developers who find tech talents and conduct their technical interviews

MARCH 15, 2022
New Way To Connect a Domain: Tilda's NS-Servers
It is now easier to connect new domains to Tilda websites.

MARCH 14, 2022
Price Per Unit
Sell your products in kilograms, liters, meters, and other units of measure. Specify the price per unit of your product and smallest sellable quantity of the product (unit quantity of an item).

MARCH 11, 2022
Tilda Success Stories: Simon Wijers
What’s it like to be a freelance web designer on Tilda: Watch the story of Simon Wijers who travels the world and creates websites for his clients on Tilda.
MARCH 10, 2022
You can now assign a CSS class to blocks in the Settings panel. This feature simplifies block editing: You can define a class for the block and then specify its name in HTML.

CSS Class For Blocks
The Trash Folder For the Lead Lists And 5 New Fields In Tilda CRM
You can add five new system fields to your lead List in Tilda CRM: Delivery address, Delivery recipient, Delivery cost, Promo code, and Discount amount.

If you no longer use a List, simply drag it to the Trash folder. You can restore the List within seven days after deletion.
MARCH 9, 2022
Favorites In the Block Library
The new "Favorites" category helps you quickly find your favorite blocks in the library.

To save the block in the "Favorites," hover over the top right corner of the block preview in the library and click the star icon. A new category with blocks of your choice will appear in the Block Library. You can have different selections of favorite blocks for different projects.
#madeontilda: 10 Inspiring Websites Designed By Tilda Users
Digital illustrator and NFT-artist based in Barcelona
Functional and eco-friendly decorative design towel dryer‎s from the Netherlands
Online jazz dance course from Los Angeles
Online store of handcrafted jewelry, based in Lviv
Hospitality Company based in New York City
Workout programs from a certified fitness trainer based in Helsinki
Minimalistic illustrator based in Warsaw
International customer support outsourcing company
Crypto and fintech solutions for business
NFT community for creators and investors
JANUARY 13, 2022
Tilda Success Stories: Fe/Male Switch
In Europe, only 15% of all entrepreneurs are women. Fe/Male Switch aims to reverse this trend. It is an educational role-playing game designed to skill up future female tech leaders and empower them to create innovative tech startups.

DECEMBER 28, 2021
10 Exciting Web Design Trends to Dominate Your Screen in 2022
Designers and clients seem to get tired of sameness and we see the visual renaissance shaking the industry.
DECEMBER 23, 2021
Year in Review 2021
Massive updates in Zero Block, signature typeface Tilda Sans, new templates and blocks, updates in CRM and online stores, new statistics, and much more for your Tilda projects.
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