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    AUGUST 11, 2023
    New Template In the Pro Category
    Neat typography, 4-column grid, a light pattern on the background, and emphasis on photography. Great for a product, service, or event promo page in the fashion industry.

    When creating the template, we used Breakpoints, the new Zero Block feature.
    #madeontilda: 10 Inspiring Websites Designed By Tilda Users
    A New York–based jewelry brand that embraces functional minimalism in its website design
    A punk-pop rave band with a unique style that manifests in everything that they do, including their website design (trust us, it’s worth checking out)
    A Vietnamese coffee brand with a multilingual website that makes their products honoring old traditions
    A next-generation art studio that helps digital artists create dynamic NFTs using low-code solutions
    An incubator that nurtures WEB3 projects globally; see how their website features a nostalgic design reminiscent of late 90s video games
    A landing page of an early adopter program for a web app that offers a set of tests and tools for self-discovery and personal growth
    An Italian brand that provides a variety of different digital and physical products for inner and outer beauty
    A retouch studio that advocates for clean and nice, yet natural results with an impressive portfolio website showcasing famous brands and celebrities
    A Berlin-based service that offers a payment card that unlocks exclusive sport-related opportunities for the owner
    A next-generation virtual assistant that’s claimed to replace entire contact centers
    MARCH 21, 2023
    Zero Block
    You can now fix the position of Zero Block on the page. This allows you, for instance, to create a fixed menu with a custom layout. It can be fixed at the top or bottom of the page and set to appear after X pixels are scrolled down (Appear Offset). If Appear Offset is selected, two animation options—Fade In and Slide Up/Down—become available.

    Where to find: Artboard Settings → Position And Overflow.
    Fixed Zero Block position on the page
    Font selection for online form input fields
    You can now modify the font family for the online form input fields.

    Where to find: Form Settings → Form Style → Input Font Family.
    To round the shape, drag the dot in the bottom right corner of the element. The detailed corner radius setup is also available in the element settings.
    Round shape corners using dots
    Group animation editing
    You can now select several elements or groups and apply a Basic or Step-by-Step animation effect to all of them at once.
    Set the number of pixels that have to be scrolled before the animation starts (Trigger Offset) individually for each screen resolution.

    Where to find: Step-by-Step Animation → Trigger Offset.
    Trigger Offset animation setting for each screen resolution
    Mute videos with autoplay
    For the Video element, the sound will be muted when autoplay is enabled. The setting cannot be modified as the latest browser versions don’t allow autoplay with sound.
    Where to enable: Zero Block Settings → Show Rulers.
    You can enable rulers and pull out guides to simplify the layout design process.
    MARCH 14, 2023
    Tilda Sans Typeface Available For Download
    Tilda Sans is Tilda’s signature variable typeface. It was created in late 2021 and could only be used by the platform users. As of today, anyone can download Tilda Sans for free and use it in any kind of project, including commercial ones.
    MARCH 7, 2023
    Members Area Updates
    You can now more flexibly edit the design of the signup and login page for people you provide access to Courses or Members Area.
    Signup and Login pages
    design is now customizable
    It is now possible to add a header and footer for pages with a list of groups and courses and a list of lectures.

    Where to find: Members Area Settings → Project Settings → Set Header/Footer.
    Adding header and footer
    for some pages
    Students can now attach files when submitting their homework. They will be saved on the cloud storage of your choice: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon, etc. To enable file upload, you need to specify the Tilda Upload Widget key in the Course Settings.
    Attaching files
    to homework submissions
    #madeontilda: 10 Inspiring Websites Designed By Tilda Users
    An organizational app for teams trying to make us forget about spreadsheets
    A portfolio website of a French artist with an unconditional fascination for skulls based in New York
    A music marketing agency that believes odd is cool (it shows up on their website:)
    A service that finds clubs for children in the local area (try their step-by-step quiz!)
    A luxury property developer in Lisbon and on the coast in Cascais and Estoril, Portugal
    A lifestyle online store for modern mothers
    A multi-lingual website for a smoked meat restaurant chain in Canada
    A European renewal energy community advocating for investments in the green future
    A digital dental app with artificial intelligence that can pre-diagnose plaque, dental caries, etc.
    An edutainment center for children and teenagers with classes, parties, and clubs in Dubai, UAE
    FEBRUARY 21, 2023
    Vector. New Element In Tilda’s Zero Block
    You can now create and edit vector elements in Zero Block. With the new vector editor, you can design any kind of shapes and basic illustrations for the website, as well as refine imported SVG files.
    FEBRUARY 7, 2023
    More Updates
    Rounded corners for blocks from the "Tile and Link" category
    How to enable: Settings → Cards → Corner Radius.
    For some blocks from the "Tile and Link" category, you can now round the corners of the cards. The new setting is available for TE100, TE105, TE205, TE215, TE230, TE700, and TE710 blocks.
    In Zero Block, it is now possible to add MP4 videos. Upload the video to your own server and link to it in the Settings of the Video element.
    HTML videos in Zero Block
    Where to find: Settings → Pop-Up.
    In the product card, it is possible to adjust the size of the content container and set it either to 12 columns or 100% of the screen width. Available for blocks ST300, ST305N, ST310N, ST315N, ST320N, and ST330 from the "Store" category.
    Modifying font size for the product description and container size in product cards
    Where to find: Settings → Typography.
    In blocks ST310N, ST300, ST305N, ST315N, ST320N, and ST330 you can now set the font size for the product SKU, options, and characteristics.
    Deleting outdated posts in the "News feed channel" block T854
    Where to find: Content → Go to the news feed settings → click Settings next to the required channel → Delete outdated posts.
    You can now manually delete irrelevant news for Telegram channels connected through the bot in the block T854 "News feed channel" from the "Other" category.
    Masonry gallery in two columns for mobile view
    In the mobile version of the GL23 "Masonry gallery" block, the images display in two columns. If a user is viewing the website from a 320px wide device, the photos will be displayed in one column, as they were before.
    Members Area updates
    Where to find: Site Settings → Membership → Manage members → Members Area Settings → Mail Server Settings.
    You can now set fonts and colors for the Members Area in Site Settings. To apply changes, simply open the Membership management panel.
    JANUARY 30, 2023
    Custom Setup Of Viewport Sizes In Zero Block
    You can now flexibly set up viewport sizes and create responsive layouts for any device in Zero Block using custom breakpoints. The breakpoint range is 320px to 1920px.

    You can modify 5 default screen sizes, add new breakpoints, or remove unnecessary ones. A maximum of 10 different viewport sizes can be configured.
    JANUARY 25, 2023
    New Block-Based Text Editor In Feeds & Courses
    The new editor is designed to simplify and speed up creating layouts for your articles and blog posts. In place of the default block library, the following types of content are available: Text, heading, image, video, quote, introduction, divider, callout, and designed code with highlighting. It is also possible to add third-party HTML code to the page.

    Blocks can be modified using the context menu: Move, delete, and convert them to other types, such as from body text to a quote. Some block types have a specific set of settings: You can set a caption, alt text, and a link for an image.
    JANUARY 20, 2023
    Dynamic Discounting In Product Catalog
    You can now create flexible—linear or differential—discounts for your products in the Catalog.

    The linear discount varies within a set range, such as from 5 to 15%, depending on the number of orders or the total purchase amount. The differential discount is fixed, and you can assign multiple rules to it.

    You can set several discounts and apply them to all the products in the Catalog, specific categories, or selected products. You can also specify the discount duration and the number of available activations.

    Where to enable: Product Catalog → three-dot menu in the gray panel on top → Discounts.
    JANUARY 17, 2023
    Tilda Customers' Success Stories
    Marcus Triest, UI/UX Designer & Head Of Product Based In Austin, Texas
    Marcus explains his approach to a quick concept validation by creating landing pages on Tilda and tells about his personal project Foodparks
    JANUARY 10, 2023
    New Template In the Pro Category
    Fox is a minimalist Swiss-style template. Orange is used not only as an accent color but also for content. Note the typography design and the usage of white space.

    The template is created in Zero Block using Auto Scale.
    DECEMBER 22, 2022
    Tilda. Year In Review 2022
    Online course builder, advanced interface mode, new eCommerce features, block & CRM updates, and more for your projects on Tilda.
    Made on