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#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
6nomands closed developer hiring platform
Robolitica mobile market intelaggence
UpHex monitoring for Facebook Ads
Augestad sweet-shop
Freegram social media automatization
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Aximetria finance app
Dotphoton Raw image compressing app
Product Knowledge Graph software
Setapp platform that packs 140+ Mac apps into just one
Golbex cryptocurrency exchange software
Product catalog
Now you can manage your entire inventory in one place. Create categories, add and edit product properties – any changes in the catalog will instantly appear on all webpages.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
FlippingBook Digital Benefit Guides
Attractor Analytic System
Scorum R&D Center Product Company
Blynk hardware-agnostic IoT platform
ATC Business Consulting
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Aspirity Web and Mobile development studio
Emerge Tech Conference
Astrid AI-powered assistant
WAFL mini-cafe franchise
HOLD leather accessories
Create a members area for your website
Restrict access to your website's exclusive content. Invite members, add them to the groups and provide access to specific pages.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
MixBytes blockchain projects development
My Tie Media creative audio and sound design studio
Sormegleren Norvegian realtor company landing page
RAV Vast drum store
Maps.me blog
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
365 days of daily drawing. Project by Julia Zass
Walterjunior architectural agency
f(by) 2019 functional programming conference
Chipmunk design studio
Gese 2.0 blockchain driven system
Tilda. 2018 in review
In 2018, Tilda added many new features and blocks. A built-in CRM system, Zero Block updates, advanced animation, new fields in forms, tests and quizzes, advanced site stats, and collaborative site editing are just some of the highlights from last year. We have big things planned for you in 2019.
Tilda. 2018 in review
In 2018, Tilda added many new features and blocks. A built-in CRM system, Zero Block updates, advanced animation, new fields in forms, tests and quizzes, advanced site stats, and collaborative site editing are just some of the highlights from last year. We have big things planned for you in 2019.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Lurtex industrial valves and equipment
Preference specialized linguistic services
Marketer Technologies automated marketing
SMA Capital Invest Fund website
Aleksei Demchenko website
Search for a designer on Tilda
New feature in Tilda Experts. Now you can find a designer who creates websites on Tilda for your project
Build-in statistics update
Involvement. How much time people are spending on your page
Sources. Which channels provide most traffic
Geography. Top 10 countries where most of your visitors come from
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
WITHIN personal growth and self-discovery events
Matt Chaz Knitwear website
Sum & Substance Toolkit for KYC/AML
AptResponse employee experience product
JFuture Conference landing page
Visual trends 2019
Special project by Depositphotos.com and Tilda.cc. We spoke to photographers, designers, and content curators to help us weigh in on ideas, movements and trends in visual communication that are shaping this not so distant future.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
MOSQUI natural insect repellent
SEED Lab branding agency
1988 Company website
Stepik education platform website
Levahn Mek Norwegian real estate
A simple platform for working with client leads. Streamline and improve customer service at your company. Keep track of clients and your interactions with them.
Autosave in Zero Block
If you accidently close or reload the page you are editing, your work will be saved automatically. Autosave will save your changes every 30 seconds as you are working.

So when you go back to your project, the editor will open the last saved version of it.
OCTOBER 2, 2018
Tilda Colors. Color palettes for your website
Add colour to your website with Tilda Colors, our colours and gradients collection. Simply copy the colour you like by clicking on its code or the colour palette.
Introducing mutil-user access
Work on your website as a team. You can now grant other Tilda users access to your website so you all can work on it together. Colleagues with free Tilda accounts are eligible. Premium option. Price depends on the number of users.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
E2 PRO video production studio
Avocado Toast immersive communications studio
CROC Global IT services provider
The Great Good Place project
Real Big Words company website
From today, a data collection form can be added in Zero Block web editor. Place form anywhere inside the block, set it vertically or horizontally or adjust its appearance. Leads will be stored in your personal account. However, you can connect up to 18 data collection services and send data to your account, messengers, a table in Google Docs, or CRM distribution systems.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
A website of an author and entrepreneur John Cinquina.
Motion Beast animation and motion design course.
Quantum Attorneys law firm website.
V1 lounge chair landing page.
CyberCrimeCon/18 conference in Moscow.
29 AUGUST 2018
New block – Step-by-step form in a popup window
Block BF920, Form and button category.
Use this block to display a step by step questionnaire in a popup window.
25 AUGUST 2018
Multi-step. New field type within an input form.
You can now divide a vertical form into several screens. Each screen represents a step within the form. Simply add the new field in the spot where you want your site visitors to move to the next screen.
24 AUGUST 2018
Updates in statistics
Mobile views metrics is now available in your personal account. Just go to the built-in stats tracker. Also now you can find out just how engaging your site is for your visitors with Tilda's built-in stats capabilities.
24 AUGUST 2018
Services category just added to our blocks library
Use any of the 19 blocks to showcase your company's services. Use cards and tiles, columns, icons and many other design options for all kinds of businesses.
27 JULY 2018
Automatic news feed
"Other" category, block number T854. Block allows to assign a news feed of the Telegram channel to your website
17 JULY 2018
The directory of design professionals Tilda Experts
Every day we get requests asking us for help with finding a website designer who know a website builder Tilda inside out and can build your website for you. So we want to make this process as simple as possible.
9 JULY 2018
File upload in forms
Add the ability to upload files and receive them in Dropbox and Yandex.Disk to create a website that works for you.
8 JULY 2018
Common webpage design mistakes
Simple layout and design tips to help you create a stunning webpage
18 JUNE 2018
New block — Internal search
T838, category «Other». Add new block — internal search on your website.
6 JUNE 2018
Step-by-step animation in Zero Block
Introducing new feature — step-by-step animation. Any element of the page can be assigned motion sequences and allow users to interact with the elements.
5 JUNE 2018
New service for recieving the data from forms — Pipedrive
Pipedrive is a CRM system and a sales funnel management tool. To add contacts from forms on Tilda to the list of contacts on Pipedrive, simply register the API token of your Pipedrive account in Tilda.
22 MAY 2018
New block in library — step-by-step form
BF919, category «Form and button». Add questions in sequence. One card — one question.
20 MAY 2018
6 educational events templates
Business conference template
Meetup template
Marketing conference template
Celebrity lecture template
Cookery master class template
Painting master class template
19 MAY 2018
Password on a page
To set password on a page in your project go to Page Settings → Additional → Page password
19 MAY 2018
New feature — dymanic blocks depending on language
T839, category «Other». You can show and hide blocks on a page depending on browser language.
18 APRIL 2018
New tool — calculator in the order form
In the order form, add calculations based on the parameters entered in form fields by site visitors
15 APRIL 2018
3 new sets of free icons
"Restaurant","Travel" and "Logistics". Add icons to your webpage from the built-in Tilda Library or download SVG files.
14 APRIL 2018
Question with image answers. New type of input field
12 APRIL 2018
Numbers animation
New feature — numbers animation. Use it in blocks FR402, FR403, FR405, FR501 in category Features and CL18, CL19 in category Columns
16 APRIL 2018
Notifying customers of their order
When you sell products or services with a shopping cart you can send order information to the client automatically. Order information will be sent to the e-mail in a case of the successful payment or while client chooses 'Cash on delivery' method.

There are 2 ways to send a notification email
1. Via post server, using a mailbox on your own domain
2. Via SendGrid service
22 MARCH 2018
Zero Block big update
Video, HTML code, interactive prompts, parallax effect on page scroll and mouse move, elements fixed on scroll.
24 MARCH 2018
Trello and SendinBlue — new services for recieving the data from forms
Trello is a popular project management system.
SendinBlue is a free newsletter service with a clear interface and responsive support.
20 MARCH 2018
5 new culture events templates
Movie preview template
Music festival website template
Concert template
Quest template
Theatre website template
19 MARCH 2018
3 new sets of free icons
"Hotel","IT company" and "Cleaning service". Add icons to your webpage from the built-in Tilda Library or download SVG files.
18 MARCH 2018
Modifier for cover. Galaxy effect
T826 in category Other
16 MARCH 2018
3 new blocks in library
1. Image, text and buttons in the masonry grid. TE700 in category Tile & Link
3. Cover with timetable. CR37 in category Cover
2. Masonry gallery. GL23 in category Gallery
22 FEBRUARY 2018
Auto updates for Instagram on website
Add block SN403 from the Social networks category, connect your account, publish.
13 FEBRUARY 2018
New block — fixed sidebar menu
Try new fixed sidebar menu with subsections. ME901 in category Menu
10 FEBRUARY 2018
5 new templates
Translations bureau website template
Teacher website template
Accounting services website template
Private tutor website template
Attorney website template
20 FEBRUARY 2018
New features: Voting, surveys and quizzes
Find two new blocks, T807 for a survey and T806 for a quiz in the Other category. You can set the visibility of the results for site visitors in the block settings.
6 new blocks added to the library
1. Form with an image. Block BF403, Form and Button category
2. List of features divided into two columns with customisable ticks. Block FR207, Features category
4. Menu with a button, two text fields and a customisable logo. Block ME802, Menu category
6. Messengers widget. Block BF905, Form and Button category
3. Block with columns with an option of adding an unlimited number of cards. Block CL49, Columns category
5. Phone number widget. Block BF904, Form and Button category»
20 FEBRUARY 2018
New feature: Fundraising
Block BF908 in the Forms category is fantastic for setting up a crowdfunding or a charity fundraising campaign. Users decide how much they want to donate.
Adding images from Instagram
Add your Instagram photos to blocks with images. Sign in to your Instagram account, allow Tilda to access your photos. Your photos will be accessible in any block with the Add from library icon.
3 new sets of free icons
"Hotel","IT company" and "Cleaning service". Add icons to your webpage from the built-in Tilda Library or download SVG files.
28 JANUARY 2018
7 new blocks added to the library
1. Panel with logo and telephone number. Add text next to the logo, such as a campaign slogan. Block ME801, Menu category
6. Image slider. Block GL22, Gallery category
2. A cover with a form and an image or a YouTube video. Block CR36, Cover category
3. Image and text slider. Block AB601, Project category
4. Block with prices and product names, menu items, goods or services divided into two columns. Add a title for each column. Block PL310, Tariffs category
5. Content tabs in two different styles: blocks CL47 and CL48, Columns category.
28 JANUARY 2018
New set of icons for Valentine's Day
Add icons to the page from the integrated Tilda library or download .svg files.
27 JANUARY 2018
Data capture forms
You can view all leads received from your website in your account on Tilda, regardless whether any third-party data captured services are being used. You can export your leads. Also, why not connect one of the 15 data capture services integrated with Tilda?
25 JANUARY 2018
5 new templates
Website template for an EMS training studio
Driving school website template
Coffee shop website template
Food delivery website template
Moving and Storage service template
25 JANUARY 2018
New feature: Multiple landing pages
This feature allows you to show more relevant content to the user, depending on such parameters as her geoposition or the language installed on his system. You can change individual words, links, telephone numbers, whole blocks or redirect the user to another page. Find these blocks in the category 'Other'.
25 JANUARY 2018
New block: Shape divider
This new design feature will help you create attractive transitions between sections. Find it in the Divider category.
23 JANUARY 2018
New built-in site stats
Get more site data without additional settings.
16 JANUARY 2018
Receiving SSL certificate
To connect the HTTPS protocol, ask for the SSL certificate in site settings on Tilda.
16 JANUARY 2018
NEW in Zero Block: Tooltip
Introducing Tooltip – the new interactive element in Zero Block. Use text to describe parts of a complex object in a photo. Selling real estate? Draw a map and mark every house on it. Tooltip has lots of lot of settings: colour, shadow, width, icon inside a circle, plus you can upload an image above text.
25 DECEMBER 2018
Tilda never stands still. We are constantly adding new features to make creating stunning websites even easier and more fun. Here's our annual roundup of top Tilda innovations in 2017.
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