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    DECEMBER 20, 2023
    Tilda. Year In Review
    Custom breakpoints in Zero Block, a new Vector element, digital website accessibility, typography configuration for mobile versions, a block-based text editor, and more.
    #madeontilda: 10 Inspiring Websites Designed By Tilda Users
    DECEMBER 6, 2023
    Photolab—New Template In the Pro Category
    Non-standard layout in a 3-column grid, dark background, and various types of parallax effect. Great for interactive multimedia projects, product promo pages, or creator’s personal websites.
    NOVEMBER 27, 2023
    Icon Selection & Customization Panel
    It’s become easier to choose and customize icons in pre-designed blocks. Upon clicking the "Pick icon" button in the Content tab, a quick access panel will open. You can look for a suitable icon by category, using the search bar, or by scrolling through the library.

    Once you click on an icon, the editor will open where you can adjust its color, size, thickness, background color, as well as border radius of the image. If you like the default look, double-click on the icon you like, and it will be added to the block.
    NOVEMBER 23, 2023
    Input Fields In a Row For Online Forms In Pre-Designed Blocks
    You can now display the input fields of your online forms in a single line. To do this, select "Combine into one row with the next field" in the Content tab of the block. You can also customize the width of each field in the row and set it to the default, 25%, 33%, 50%, or 100%.

    Where to find: Any block containing an online form → Content tab → Input fields → More.
    NOVEMBER 20, 2023
    Style Preview And Letter Case Setup In Pre-Designed Block Settings
    Settings that modify the style of elements are now more visual. The drop-down lists with style descriptions for the hamburger menu and navigation arrows are replaced with preview images. This is handy since you can see what a style looks like before applying it to an element.

    On top of that, you can now modify the letter case for text elements in all pre-designed blocks with a single click.
    NOVEMBER 16, 2023
    New Favicon Upload Experience
    You can now upload dedicated favicons for dark and light browser themes. Supported image formats include ICO, PNG, JPG, and SVG. You can also upload an image that will be displayed as a home screen icon providing quick access to your website.
    NOVEMBER 7, 2023
    Content Copy Protection For Lecture Texts
    You can now prevent text and images in lectures from being copied-the new feature disables text selection and right-clicking in the browser. Note that this feature won’t guarantee 100% protection against all potential actions as it cannot block some of the browser tools.
    Where to find: Members → Course → Add/Edit lecture → Protect content from being copied.
    In the Course Statistics, you can now track the students' activity and see how effectively they interact with lectures and whether they’re engaged in the learning process. This data gives a clear idea of the percentage of course participants who are successfully completing lectures and submitting assignments and those struggling with starting the course. It can either display data for the last month with a day-by-day breakdown or for the last year with a month-by-month view.
    Where to find: Members → Courses → Course Statistics → Activity.
    Student Activity In Online Courses
    More Members Area Updates
    Randomized Question And Answer Order in Tests
    Test questions and answers can be displayed in random order. This will make cheating more difficult. The update will increase the likelihood that students will take the test independently based on the knowledge gained in the course.
    Where to find: Members → Courses → Add/Edit lecture (lecture type: Test) → Randomize the order of questions/answer options.
    Exporting Group Members Data
    It is now possible to export user data in the CSV format organized by group. It can be of use in case you want to send them marketing or any other types of newsletters or manage sales activities by adding them to a CRM or Google Sheets.
    Where to find: Members → All Members → three dots next to the Add new member button → Export members.
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