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    MARCH 29, 2024
    Online Course Builder On Product Hunt
    Our eLearning tool is live on Product Hunt! With the Online Course Builder, you can effortlessly turn any content into a digital product. Seamlessly integrated into Tilda’s ecosystem, launching your courses on Tilda allows you to manage everything in one place, from students attending the course to leads engaging with your website.

    Your support means everything to us, we’ll be delighted to have your feedback!
    MARCH 28, 2024
    Branching Logic For Online Forms
    You can now flexibly set up visibility conditions for input fields in online forms. You can show or hide them depending on visitors' responses. This is handy when creating quizzes and surveys, as you can get to know your customer’s needs in detail and make a customized offer based on their answers.
    MARCH 25, 2024
    Emoji Selection Widget In Blocks With Icons
    Add emoji instead of icons to your page with this new widget. You have several emoji libraries at your fingertips with various emoji sub-styles such as 2D, 3D, monochrome, etc. The display of the emoji will not change depending on the user’s device, which means the page will look exactly as you intended.
    MARCH 19, 2024
    Cover Background Setup Widget
    You can now customize the background of your covers directly in the Editor, without opening the Content tab. Click the widget icon in the lower left corner of the block and choose what you want to customize: Background image, color, or video. It’s a faster and more convenient way to change your cover design.
    MARCH 14, 2024
    Icon Selection Widget In the Page Editor
    You can edit the icons on your page without leaving the editor. Clicking on an icon opens a widget where you can pick a new one from Tilda’s icon library, add an emoji, or upload your own file. The widget allows you to work faster and more conveniently with blocks that contain icons.
    MARCH 12, 2024
    Start Page Custom Design in Members Area
    You can now customize the layout of the start page, which displays the list of courses, groups, and pages the member has access to. Above and below the list, you can add text, images, and videos, depending on your goals. You can also personalize the design of the page itself.
    MARCH 6, 2024
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    MARCH 6, 2024
    New Template In Category Pro: Dwira
    Dwira features a neat design with complex compositions in each block and various shades of gray. The template perfectly fits websites showcasing products and services of the premium segment and will help you make a powerful presentation of an upmarket product, service, or event.

    FEBRUARY 29, 2024
    Commenting Blocks
    You can now add comments to blocks. This comes in handy if you want to leave a note on a block for a team or for yourself. Anyone with access to the project can leave a comment and resolve it. You can also edit or delete your comment.
    FEBRUARY 27, 2024
    Object Groups In Zero Block
    You can turn grouped items into a separate element and set its settings. This is useful if you want to set animation for a group of elements, add a link to a card made up of multiple elements, rotate grouped elements, and much more.
    FEBRUARY 15, 2024
    Online Form Updates
    Evaluation & Rating
    You can add a new field type to the form — Rating scale. The scale can be displayed as icons, between 3 and 10 items. Also, it can appear as numbers, for example, from 1 to 5. The setting is available only for pre-designed blocks.
    When selecting an answer in the online form, the website visitor will be able to enter their variant. Clicking on "Your own variant" will open a text input field.
    Custom Answers In the "Question With Answers" Field
    Where to find it: In the Editor, open the Content tab of the block → Input Fields → Field type "Question with answers" → Enable custom answer input.
    FEBRUARY 15, 2024
    Shadow Customization Panel For Buttons
    Customize shadows on buttons in pre-designed blocks using the new panel. You can set the shadow color, opacity, offset, blur and spread, as well as make the shadow multi-layered by adding several layers. If you don’t feel like customizing the shadow manually, choose one of the ready-made options or paste the parameters as CSS.

    You can customize the shadow for the button in its default look and when hovered over.

    Where to find: In the Editor, open the Settings panel of the block → Buttons → Show more settings.
    FEBRUARY 8, 2024
    SVG Editor In Pre-Designed Blocks
    Some pre-designed blocks now allow you to edit an uploaded SVG file.

    Where to find: In the Editor, open the Content tab of a block with an image → click the Edit icon.
    FEBRUARY 6, 2024
    Members Area Updates
    Edit Text Style Under the Signup Form In the Members Area
    Under the signup form in the Members area, you can now add text with a link and edit its style. This is useful, for example, if you want to provide a link to the privacy policy.
    Where to find: Members Area Settings → Login & signup page settings → Text under signup form.
    Course Export
    You can export course content and post it to any learning platform that supports the IMS Common Cartridge. All lecture types and homework tasks are available for export. Student progress and grades cannot be exported due to the limitations of the IMS CC format.
    Where to find: Course Settings → Export course.
    FEBRUARY 5, 2024
    Spam Records And Regional Limitations For Submissions
    In the Leads section, you can now check Spam records. Suspicious submissions will be stored there. Also, in the General form settings, you can now limit the countries from which you want to accept requests — the rest will go to Spam.
    Platform Updates
    Unpublish Entire Website
    Now you can unpublish all pages of the website with one click and make them inaccessible to visitors. To do this, go to Site Settings → More.
    FEBRUARY 2, 2024
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