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Improving mechanisms for SEO: 301 redirect
Use a 301 redirect when you change the URL of a page. Type in your old URL then use 301 to redirect it to a new page (the 301 status code means that a page has moved to a new location.) This ensures search engines are directed to the correct indexed pages. Site Settings > Analytics and SEO > Tilda webmaster's panel > 301 redirect.
26 December 2016
New category — Partners
Tell your site visitors about your partners or clients.
26 December 2016
Study course landing page template
Course title, structure, fees, lecturers, advantages and curriculum.
Helping images load faster
Websites made on Tilda are now loading even faster. This is thanks to Lazy Load, a plugin that blocks image downloads if they are out of view in a user's browser. Images load as the user scrolls through the page. Read more about how Lazy Load works and how it affects the Google PageSpeed test here: http://help.tilda.ws/lazy-load
22 December 2016
How to find appealing images on photo stocks
4 tips for fast and effective search
15 December 2016
Falling snowflakes effect
Block NY2017, 'Other' category
12 December 2016
Hackathon page template
Event tracks, schedule, nominations, experts, partner logos, FAQs
12 December 2016
Offline seminar page template
Schedule of events, event description, facts and figures, plus organisers info.
New additions to the 'Form and button' category
1) The 'Form and button' category just got nine new Call To Action blocks. CTAs help your site visitors to quickly "get" how cool your project/service/product is and how urgently they need it. Choose from a button with an arrow, a contact form on the cover, a framed form, a form featuring a video – and turn site visitors into customers.

2) All social media blocks (likes, shares) have moved to a new category called 'Social Media'. So now it is easier than ever for you to find and use them.
05 December 2016
New category — 'How it works'
Use new blocks from this category to make the descriptions as easy as 1-2-3.
Tilda. Webmaster's panel
Are you worried about how your website is indexed and ranked by search engines? Us too! This is why we created a really cool tool called Tilda webmaster's panel. Use it to add your website to Google and Yandex, spot errors that affect the indexing of your website and test it site against basic recommendations from search engines. Each recommendation contains a link to the Tilda Help Center where we explain what it means. Go to site Settings > Analytics and SEO to find the panel. The function is available for paid accounts only.
29 NOVEMBER 2016
New category – Contacts
A ready-made block category with everything you need for your clients to get in touch with you: telephone numbers, addresses, and social media links.
16 November 2016
Offline seminar page template
Theme, date, time, place, program, speaker.
15 November 2016
New block category — Client reviews
Increase credibility by publishing reviews by real people about your product.
14 November 2016
New block category – Meet Our Team
Introduce the members of your team.
Linking Google Analyticds and Yandex.Metrica is now easier than ever
You can do it all without leaving Tilda in about two minutes. Stay on Tilda and view all the key stats: number of visitors, sessions, page views, bounce rate and form data entries.

07 November 2016
Conference page template
Information, speakers, venue and registration.
03 November 2016
New block category – Event program
Now you can easily create a convenient event program.
31 October 2016
Architectural practice website template
The cover page features company and projects description, plus contact info.
26 October 2016
New block category – Why Choose Us
Tell people why they should choose you in a beautiful, precise and simple way.
07 November 2016
Conference webpage template
General information, speakers, venue, registration.
26 October 2016
Converting standard blocks to Zero Block
Change the design of most block forms in this web editor and create your own unique look based on existing design.
26 October 2016
New blocks category: 'About Us'
Communicate to your visitors why they should choose your product or service with brief, clear and memorable descriptions from our large selection of blocks.
Updating AmoCRM integration functions
You can now do the following:
* Set up different receivers within one domain, provided you have different logins;
* Designate a responsible individual who will receive leads or contacts from web forms;
* Select when you want to receive notifications after your visitor fills in a web from.

Already using AmoCRM? Log into your account, click 'Edit', then 'Save. In addition to setting the lead status, you can now appoint the individual who will receive leads and contacts. These functions will appear for newly connected receivers as soon as they log into the system.
Adding HTML code in the <head> section of a page
You can now add HTML code in the <head> section of each separate page of your website. Go to Page Settings > Additional > html code for <head> Should you wish to add code in the <head> for the entire website, you can still do it in website settings.
More on SEO for sites made on Tilda
Here's how to assign a canonical (preferred) URL to a webpage so your websites can be indexed by search engines. Read more on our blog
Data capture forms get new style
All blocks containing data capture forms can now be designed with just the bottom border. Simply go to Settings, click on 'Special style for data entry fields'. Remember to select the color and pick the width and height for your border. Easy!
Tilda adds a footer with an extra form
Our new block contains three columns for links, copyright information and social media buttons. Find it in the Footer category, block FT07.
Plot multiple locations on Google Maps
You can mark several locations on them at once. Find the maps block (T143) in the Other category or in the Columns category, block CL32.
Tilda releases new tables
Create timetables, price lists and other items that look awesome and work well, as tables.
We've released Zero Block, a professional editor that allows you to build up original, customizable blocks from scratch. Now you can control the look of each element. Combine your own blocks with Tilda's basic blocks to create remarkable websites. http://zero.tilda.cc
Integrating Tilda with Telegram and Slack
You can now receive data from contact forms in Telegram and Slack. Set them up separately or combine with nine other services integrated with Tilda: email, Google Forms, amoCRM, Bitrix 24, Megaplan and others. Find out more
Finding images and icons on Tilda
You can now look for images and icons on Tilda. All of the images have a license, which means they are free to use for commercial purposes.
Adding the https protocol
Follow this link to find out how to set it up http://help.tilda.ws/https
Referral program
It's good to share. To make sharing pay, we have created a referral program. Tell your friends about Tilda, and receive a discount. Details, link/promo code: https://tilda.cc/identity/referrals/
Drop down menus
We've added a second level to menus. Create a second level navigation dropdown to your main menu. The dropdown will be displayed when you hover your mouse over the menu. Tap if you want to open your dropdown menu on a mobile device. Blocks library > Menu > Menu: second level (МЕ15).
Tilda adds new fonts
We've added a couple of new fonts, Playfair Display and Source Code Pro. Simply select them in Settings.
Enlarging an image by clicking on it
Turn on the function in block settings or in galleries.
Social plugins for Facebook
Invite your readers and users to sign up for your page on Facebook. Plugins will appear when you click, scroll or after a set period of time.
A 'Thank you' page after customer fills out a form
You can now add a 'Thank you' page to all forms. All users who enter their data are re-directed there. Use this page to say 'thank you' or check on Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica whether it reaches the target. Read more
Integrating the new service Chatra.io
Chatra.io is a friendly live chat messenger app for your website. It allows you to chat to your customers online, dispel any of their doubts and help them make a purchase whilst finding any errors and improving selection. To add the chat app to your website, use Block Т355 from the Other category.
Error 404 page
When a webpage has been moved or deleted, an Error 404 message pops up. To customize the design of the page, first of all, create a page, then specify that any time a visitor click on a broken link, this page should appear.
We've added a field for inserting code into <head>
If you need to add a code that must be placed inside <head>, for example, a pixel for Facebook or Apple Store's meta tag, you can do this in Settings, in the Additional category.
Finding out the number of blocks on a page
Wondering how to find out the current number of blocks on a page? (The maximum number is 200). Go to page Settings, click on Additional.
We can now receive payment via PayPal and American Express
Tilda Publishing adds Aviary, a mobile photo editing app from Adobe
After uploading a photo you can crop, resize and tint it, as well as add filters, captions, effects, change saturation, contrast and so on.
Tilda Publishing on Product Hunt
Yesterday Product Hunt, a technological services news website, published an article about Tilda Publishing. In just 24 hours Tilda collected 1,000 votes (it's a lot!) and provoked a very lively discussion.
Changes image scale during download
Now when you download images via the Content menu, use the built-in editor to crop them to achieve the right proportion. For example, 16:9, 1:1, 4:5, 4:3. Use 16:9 for the cover, and a square inside a circle for your user picture.
Site visitor and page views statistics
We've added a statistics function to all Tilda accounts. In Settings, now you see the number of visitors to your website and the number of page views, and their frequency. Paid account holders can enjoy statistics for every page of their website.
Settings > Analytics > Site statistics
Displaying Google Analytics
If your page contains a form for data capture, Tilda will automatically inform Google Analytics the form has been submitted when the user pushes the button "Submit". To see this, you need to create a goal at Google Analytics. Read more
We've added AmoCRM to data input fields
AmoCRM is a customer and contract management system. Now when a potential client emails or phones you or asks you a question via the data input field on your website, you can capture this information directly to AmoCRM. The system will then allow you to analyse or manage sales.
Read more
New function for managing how search engines index your website
The files robots.txt and sitemap.xml are automatically generated for all websites. If you have a live website and you need these files, please write to team@tilda.cc, and we'll email you some tips on how to add them. If you'd like to find out more, visit yourwebsiteaddress.ru/robots.txt or yourwebsiteaddress.ru/sitemap.xml

We've also added an option of disallowing search engines to index the entire website or separate pages. Go to Settings > Limit access > Disable indexing. Settings > Facebook and SEO > Set special metadata > Disable indexing.
Cool service for adding comments
Hypercomments.com allows allow realtime commenting on a text or selected text fragment. Unlike Disquis, you don't need to register to comment.

Blocks library > Other > Hypercomments
We've added integration with Typeform
Typeform is great for receiving feedback via polls, questionnaires and other online forms. Add the Typeform block to your page, and the form will pop up without you having to leave the page.

Blocks library > Other > Typeform
Introducing the slider with background images, text and a button
Really useful for banners. Blocks library > Covers.
Choose any color you like for the lines
All blocks containing lines received a color settings option. It can be any colour now. Settings > Color of the line.
Get automatic redirection from URL to another
A sliding scroll function unto you reach a local link inside the page
If you'd like to see a smooth transition to a designated block, add block T251 to the page (Blocks library > Other > Sliding scroll to local link).
Two new blocks for adding feedback widgets
Using CallBackHunter.com and JivoSite.com
Read more
We've added font weight 100 and 400 and a 'Clear formatting' button
We've added a block for Slideshare presentations
Blocks library > Other
We've added a block so you can add Coub
Blocks library > Video
A 'White Label' service added
Go to Settings to delete Tilda's copyright.
For automatic synchronisation through the API, you can use the address of the script that will receive a notification each time a user pushes the Publish button. Now you can update content and add new pages on your server.
Read more
Choose any color and opacity for your font
Pick absolutely any color for your font with the help of a palette or hex code.
Copying blocks
We've added a new function: copy one or several blocks at once and paste them anywhere on a current page, a different page or even a different website (within the same account).
500 pages are now available on our Personal pricing plan
Now you can create a cool blog or website for half the price. No need to go Business even if you want to write loads and loads.
Non-breaking space and soft hyphen
Tilda Publishing introduces a small but sweet addition — the non-breaking space and soft hyphens.
Read more
Adjusting your website for mobile view
Setting up the page view for various devices.
Read more
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