2020 in Review

The year was like no other. It brought new challenges and opened up opportunities that went unnoticed before. We worked hard in 2020 to improve the way you create and develop your online projects.
Head of Global Content Elizabeth Dmitrieva about the highlights of the year
The Tilda community is made up of hundreds of thousands of passionate people who create impressive websites for business and personal projects.
There are now more of you in our social media communities, which means we are in touch both in the comments and in our direct messages. We love that you’re constantly giving us ideas and suggestions for new posts. We have the most outgoing community—you answer each other's questions in the comments, discuss new features together, and share tips with new users.

Thank you for tagging us in your posts and telling us about your projects. We’re more than happy to do the same for you. Let's keep it up!
Your liveliness and curiosity inspire us to continue growing the platform. Thank you for asking questions, pointing out what can be improved, and sharing your accomplishments on Tilda.
Projects were added to the #madeontilda gallery this year. Striking or calm, minimalist or bright: they’re all different, but they have one thing in common—they're all professionally made on Tilda. That makes us proud.
1 700
The devil is in the detail. Smooth editing workflow, as well as the pleasant, quick, and responsive interface, along with multiple other aspects, are essential to the user experience and the impression of the product.
2020 Focus on Quality
When the platform grows and its number of users shoots up, it becomes impossible to maintain quality at a high level without a lot of internal improvement. That's what we focused on this year.

Refining and optimizing a product is always more difficult than creating a new one. It is invisible routine work that doesn't give you an immediate reward. The more we do, the clearer we realize how many tasks are still ahead. And they need to be done if we want to develop an outstanding product.

In 2020, we focused on making changes inside the platform but didn’t forget about new features. This year, we launched the Adaptive Image Loading technology allowing you to reduce the total size of images by 3-7 times, introduced Online Store Statistics, expanded Zero Block toolkit with mobile animation, and the possibility to edit properties of multiple elements. In our blogging service Feeds, comments and post recommendations were added. We also made beta testing possible on Tilda, released new blocks and templates, and redesigned the look of your personal account and the one in Tilda Experts. These and many other micro-improvements we designed this year.

We’ll continue improving the platform to make it better, faster, and easier to use. We aim high!
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User Support
To keep communication efficient and enjoyable, we launched a ticketing system this year. It allows our support team to solve your questions faster while giving you more detailed and high-quality responses. It can save your time too—while you’re writing a question, related hints and answers appear in the interface.

In 2020, we increased the number of support staff and optimized our internal processes in order to maintain the same average response time and avoid delays in getting your questions answered.

We’re continuing to work on the quality of support we provide and fine-tune the ticketing system. This is a constant process that will always remain our priority.
That’s how many requests you sent us in 2020, and we helped you deal with each and every one. Thank you for reaching out to us!
200 810
The Tilda Team
In spring, our team began working remotely. Everyone managed to adapt and readjust to the new format, becoming more flexible, responsible, and in a way freer. Towards the end of the year, we switched to a free office schedule, which means any employee can come to the office if he or she wants to, or stay and work from home—whatever feels more comfortable.

We believe that external changes and circumstances can’t take away the chemistry and special atmosphere we have on the team.

The Tilda team expanded this year, and we’re constantly looking for professionals with a genuine interest in what they do.
One of Tilda's most valuable assets is our team, people who are passionate, know what they are doing, and feel involved with the product.
Developing Online Education
We want knowledge about design, marketing, and entrepreneurship to be freely available so that anyone can come in and use it to create their dream website or start advertising their business on social media. It matters to us.

Developing our online learning tools was a priority this year: we released in-depth video tutorials and blog posts, in addition to highlighting tips and tricks in social media posts.

For those who want to learn to become designers, or are just Tilda enthusiasts—we’re working hard on our educational materials, and are planning to release a bunch of stuff in early 2021. You can be anyone—an entrepreneur, marketer, or web designer—on our platform, you’ll be able to get firsthand knowledge from industry experts.

We’re investing in our users and create articles and videos that help you grow and develop professionally.
Keep doing what you love, share your passion with the world, and we'll continue to support and inspire you!
Thank you for being with us!

See you in 2021,
Your Tilda team with ❤️
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