Custom Payment Gateway

Developers can now independently integrate payment systems with Tilda
Tilda offers integrations with several most popular payment services. However, there are many more such services in the world. The custom payment gateway will help increase the number of integrations as developers can now independently add new payment systems to Tilda using this universal method.
To set up a payment system integration, take a look at the technical documentation and submit an application form. Your request will then be subjected to moderation. If the interaction format proves to be suitable, the developer can start setting up the integration. After testing, Tilda's specialists will make the integration available to the group of early beta testers and then to all Tilda users.
Technical documentation
Step-by-step developer guide to adding a new payment service to Tilda
Some services that have already created integrations with Tilda: Fondy, UCS, IPS.
This solution will help you avoid waiting in line as developers can now independently set up integrations with Tilda.
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