Two New Blocks in the Block Library

Tilda's Block Library is growing—we're happy to introduce two new blocks: HW405 "Styled blocks with numbers on top" from the "How it works" category and CR44 "Text Cover" from the "Cover" category. Here's what the blocks look like, what they might be useful for, and how you can adjust them to fit your needs.
Block HW405 from the "How it works" category.
Styled blocks with numbers on top
This block will work if you want to describe different work stages or steps, as well as the product benefits or features that you want to emphasize. You can place 1 to 4 cards in a row and add an illustration or image below the text on each card.

You can customize the number icons by changing the color of the background, border, and the number itself, and set up the vertical indent between elements in the Settings panel of the block. You can also round off the corners of the cards, modify the button design, add animation, and much more.
Block CR44 from the "Cover" category.

Text Cover.

CR44 is a minimalist cover with a heading and a subheading on a colored background. Go for it if you don't need to use any background image or video and want to draw visitors' attention to the text.

You can add a button and a down arrow icon, animate any of the cover elements, change the background color and apply a single-color or gradient filter to it.
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