NOVEMBER 13, 2021
Three New Blocks in the Tilda Library
Three new blocks have been released in the "Store" , "Divider", and "Other" categories:

ST110. Favorites
DV13. Infinite scrolling text
T972. Cookies consent settings

Let's see what these blocks have to offer and what do they look like.
Block ST110. Favorites
This block allows customers to tag products they like and display them in a separate widget. Find the block in the "Store" category.
Block DV13. Infinite scrolling text
You can set multiple texts that will move one after another through the separator. You can use built-in dividers or upload your own, as well as adjust the speed of the text. Find the block in the "Divider" category.
Block T972: Cookies consent settings
This block allows the visitor to choose what kinds of cookies they are willing to share. You can find this block in the "Other" category.
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