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🛍️ How To Launch an Online Store On Tilda. Part 2

Tools like promo codes, dynamic discounts, product variants and labels can help you boost customer engagement and improve the usability of your online store.

Discover how to use advanced eCommerce features on your Tilda website 👇

🛍️ Promo Codes

Offering promo codes can help you attract new customers and reward existing ones by encouraging repeat purchases.

Go to Site Settings → Payment Systems → Promo Codes. Here you can create customized promo codes, limit the number of activations, set the expiration date and the discount value (as a percentage or a set amount).

🛍️ Dynamic Discounting

If you manage products using the Product Catalog, you can set linear or differential discounts for them.

The linear discount varies within a set range, such as from 5 to 15%, depending on the number of items in the order or the total purchase amount. The differential discount is fixed, and you can apply multiple rules to it.

Learn more about dynamic discounting: https://help.tilda.cc/online-store/discounts

🛍️ Discount Labels

Highlight specific products to attract customers by labeling them. For example, you can label discounted or newly released items.

Select a product in the Content tab of a block or in the Product Catalog, and type in a label under "Card Mark."

🛍️Product Variants

Offer different versions of the same product, varying by parameters like color, size, material, etc.

To do that, go to the Content panel of the block → Variants → Add option.

🛍️ Variants In the Product Catalog

The Product Catalog supports adding product variants as well.

Open the Product Catalog → select the product → click Product Variants → Manage options, and set the parameters for each variant.

🛍️ Product Options

You can set up additional product options such as gift wrapping, greeting cards, and other add-ons, which will affect the final price.

Product options can be configured in both the Content tab and the Product Catalog.

🛍️ A "See Also" Section

Encourage additional purchases by adding a "See also" section in the product card. When viewing an item, other products will be displayed below it, inviting customers to explore more offerings.

To do this, open the Settings tab of the block → Sell also. The products featured in this section are added through the Product Catalog.

Check the Part 1 for key steps to create an eCommerce website on Tilda.
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