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Update: My Blocks. Create your own block library on Tilda

🚀 The new "My Blocks" feature allows you to create a branded design system for projects in your account. It comes in handy for those who use visual branding across several websites or often create projects similar in structure and design.

How To Add a Block To the "My Blocks" Category:
1. Add any block to the page and customize it as you like.
2. Open the Settings tab of the block and click "Add Block to Library."
3. Set the block title and add it to the library. Done!

The new "My Blocks" category will appear in the Block Library—the blocks you've designed will be available for all projects within one account.

☝️ Your blocks will be kept in the library even if you remove the "parent" block from the page. If you want to change the design of the block that you've saved in your library, add it to the page, modify it, and add it to the library again.

More about My Blocks on Tilda: https://blog-en.tilda.cc/my-blocks-feature
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