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⚡ Zero Block Update: Group Elements As an Object

You can now turn grouped items into a separate element and set its settings. This is useful if you want to animate or rotate a group of elements, add a link to a card made up of multiple elements, etc.

Explore the update and find out how it can speed up your design process👇

Logical vs Object Group: What's the Difference?
• In a Logical group, settings are applied to each element individually. Say you want to modify the background color of a group with texts and shapes —> then only the shape background will change.

• In an Object group, elements behave as a single element. If you turn the group from the previous example into an Object group, the background color will change for the entire group, not just for the shapes.

Also, new settings are available for an Object group: Background color, SEO tag, padding, and more.

Object group is a time-saver to animate multiple objects at once. For instance, for on-scroll effects, no need to manually set up the Trigger Offset for each element, the setting is automatically applied to the group as a whole.

When To Use Object Groups?
They are great for creating menus, footers, lists, product cards, and more.

To create an Object group, select elements, group them, and select Object under Group in Settings.

Shortcuts to group the elements:

Learn more about Object groups on Tilda Blog: https://blog-en.tilda.cc/object-group-in-zero-block

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