OCTOBER 27, 2022
Migration From jQuery To JavaScript Is Finalized
Tilda websites now load even faster
The Tilda codebase has been rewritten to JavaScript as part of a planned effort to increase website load speed. The jQuery library will no longer be connected to new projects. If you plan to use the modifications in your future projects, the code must be rewritten to Vanilla JavaScript. Third-party jQuery scripts will continue to run in current projects. We recommend that you rewrite them to avoid affecting the performance of the website.
Third-party jQuery code added earlier to the website is compatible with Tilda. That is, if you added the script in the Site Settings, Page Settings, using the T123 block, in the header, or connected Google Tag Manager, it will work correctly. Later in the Site Settings, there will be a checkbox that allows you to enable or disable jQuery library support by default.
Why Switching From jQuery To JavaScript Was Necessary
The jQuery library is one of the most popular on the web. About 70 million active websites use it. In the past, jQuery was used to facilitate cross-browser code writing.

As time goes by, JavaScript evolves, and it is possible to write code without jQuery. As part of our effort to make websites load faster, we've moved away from the jQuery library.

Websites that previously used jQuery code and modifications will continue to operate but the library will not be connected to new projects.

If you are using third-party code on your Tilda website, please take these changes into account. Chances are you may want to update the code and remove dependence on the jQuery library.
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