March 28, 2024
Start Page Custom Design in Members Area
You can now customize the page layout with the list of groups that members see in their accounts. Here is how you can personalize the start page in the Members Area.
You can add text, images, and videos above and below the list of groups, depending on your goals. For instance, you can add a welcome phrase or text that explains the links a user sees below. Under the list of groups, you can promote your online course or provide your contact information so members can easily reach you if they have questions.
You can also personalize the design of the page itself: Set up the background image or color, modify the container radius, align text as you like, set the font size, etc. The size of the group list panel is automatically calculated based on the number of groups a user is a member of.
Where to find: Members Area Settings → Advanced → Start Page Settings.
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