JUNE 3, 2024

Generate Texts For Blocks With AI Assistant

On Tilda, you can now generate content for a block with AI. Use the built-in AI Assistant when, for example, the client has not provided the text, the copywriter is unavailable and the site is about to launch, or when you are having trouble coming up with an idea. It will quickly write suitable texts for a block, a separate field, or a whole page at once, and you will only have to check the result. The AI Assistant comes in handy for designers, marketers, business owners, and anyone who creates websites.
Where to find it: Page Editor → Content tab → the star icon in the upper right corner of the tab.
Select the block where you want to generate the text, enter the website description, provide relevant details, and get the generated text. The AI Assistant will describe the benefits of your business, a catchy offer for the cover, describe services, or list product features. This way, you can create content for your website faster and free up your time for other tasks.
Delegate copywriting for any block to the AI Assistant, for example:
  • Cover. The hero section copy should be eye-catching. With an AI Assistant, it's easy to get many options and choose the best one.

  • About. Specify a couple of facts in the prompt, and the AI will assemble them into cohesive text.

  • Services. AI will come up with an attractive description for your target audience.

  • Features. Based on the topic of the website, the AI Assistant will describe what makes your product stand out. You can define the number of items you want to include in the block.

  • Online Forms. AI will generate a heading and description to motivate visitors to fill out the form. All you need to do is set up data collection services to receive submissions.

  • Generate content for any block that requires text!
How To Use AI Assistant:
Generate text for any block

Add a block to the page and provide the website description in the AI Assistant box. The more details you provide, the better result you will get.

Where to find it: Page Editor → Content tab → the star icon in the upper right corner of the tab.
If the text in one field doesn't suit, correct it with AI

For example, you want to change the heading for the About block. Use the AI Assistant to generate several variants for that particular text field and choose the one you like.

Where to find it: Select the text field → in the toolbar on top, click "Generate with AI."
Generate texts for the entire page

You can start from a pre-designed template or create a page from scratch and have the copy generated for it all at once.

Where to find: Page Editor → More → Generate text for page.
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