10 Exciting Web Design Trends to Dominate Your Screen in 2022
2022 is knocking on the door, so it’s time to look ahead and see what web design trends will dominate our screens.
This year, you submitted 12K+ websites to the #madeontilda gallery. We’ve analyzed the best of them to figure out what they have in common and what trends will remain prominent in 2022. Our top finding is that designers and clients seem to get tired of sameness and we see the visual renaissance shaking the industry.

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1. Full Width Web Design
With FHD and 4K monitors becoming more common, full width web design becomes a more prominent trend. The full width layout takes up the entire space on the page, so it’s not limited to a 12-column grid and usually resizes itself to fit the size of the screen. Such designs look more modern, read 2022-ish, and are often used for websites with minimal content, where images are more crucial than text.
You can easily fit elements to the width of any screen by enabling the Autoscale feature in Tilda's Zero Block.
2. Multicolor Gradients
Ever since Instagram updated its logo in 2016, gradients got back to the stage. Indeed, color gradients offer a way to add more texture, depth, and excitement to a web page that’s otherwise flat and lifeless. Playing with several colors in a singular gradient without making it overwhelming is another trick that designers are recommended to master in 2022.

To jazz up your design without any additional tools, give a try to the Zero Block’s gradients.
3. Blurry Elements
Using blurry elements will remain a popular way to create visual interest and add focus to the foreground of a website. To add such an effect, don’t forget to enjoy Zero Block’s visual filters.
4. Vibrant Colors
For better visual expressiveness, designers are now exploring cheerful colors and strong contrasts with palettes not limited to one dominant tone. Bold and saturated colors will help websites stand out from the soft neutrals and pastel palettes.
5. Oversized Typography
Large typography is attention-grabbing and conveys the message in a loud manner. Clients love such designs for their business websites, though a few years ago they would be hesitant to give so much space to extremely sized typefaces.
6. Black Websites
Designers will keep hopping on the black design trend. Dominant black color in the background conveys sophistication and elegance and adds striking visual appeal to websites.
7. Neutral Palettes
Trends are all about contradictions. Despite the hype around vivid colors and total black designs, beautiful pastel palettes will remain a popular request from businesses—especially for websites in the beauty industry.
8. Minimalism
Yeah, the king! With 8 seconds or less to grab a person’s attention, simple and elegant minimalist designs will help you cut through the chaos online and captivate your audience. Minimalism is also one of the most difficult styles to master, but Tilda users have always been impressive at taking it to another level.
9. Lines
In the last 5-6 months, we started seeing a lot of web designs that employ visible grid lines, as well as horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. These lines allow to separate websites into logical blocks and create a visual path guiding visitors from one point to another. Also, thin lines can add a delicate vibe to the website, while bold ones contribute to a more brutal geometric style. However, this technique should be used with caution, as overuse of lines can make websites look somewhat heavy.
10. Simple Geometric Shapes
Ovals, stars, triangles, and many other simple shapes will remain a go-to way to add visual accents to your website. Why so? It’s easy, quick, and cheap. This is also a great way to make reserved minimalist designs edgier.
Cannot wait to see your irresistible designs in 2022. Thanks for being with Tilda!
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